Live from Illuminating Hadrian’s Wall – Latest News and Photographs

Hadrian’s Wall snakes its way through 84 miles of barren British countryside, the frostbitten tip of the Roman empire. Yet you needn’t leave your PC to get a feel for this weekend’s illuminations event, which promises to be a spectacular celebration of Roman prowess.

Nicole, Sam and myself will be heading up to the wall to watch the illuminations for an Ancient World in London video about the bits of Britain even Rome dared not tinker with. We’ll be visiting some of the wall’s best-known sites, and speaking to experts about its glorious past.

But you don’t have to wait for the video to get a feel for one of Britain’s most impressive ancient landmarks. I’ll be keeping a Hadrian’s Wall Diary throughout the event (update: find it here), and we’ll all be tweeting our pants off to give you the latest on the illuminations – check into this blog to see our live feed as it happens.

We’ll also be posting photographs regularly so you can see the stunning event from your own home, before anyone else. If you’re thinking of taking snaps yourself, you might want to check out our interview with renowned heritage photographer Derry Brabbs.

We’re dedicated to bring you the best of the ancient world here at Heritage Key, so keep checking in to see and hear from what should be one of the year’s most impressive adventures.

Tweets Live from Illuminating Hadrian’s Wall

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What is @EmperorHadrian saying?

(Yes, we know Emperor Hadrian is long past dead, but well.. he’s tweeting on behalf of Illuminating Hadrian’s Wall)

Photos from Illuminating Hadrian’s Wall

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