Online Medications – Global Delivery and Discounts

Online Medications - Global Delivery and DiscountsIn modern society, the popularity of online shopping is growing, and gradually it is spreading to all new categories of goods.

Nevertheless, in some categories, barriers to online shopping are still high, and in some areas of retail, online trading is currently prohibited by law or possible with restrictions.

Pharmaceuticals are included in the list of available for online ordering. However, consumer research and analysis of internal search engine data show that there has recently been an increase in user interest in finding and buying OTC products, vitamins and dietary supplements online.

According to surveys, the rate of users who are potentially willing to buy drugs online is high. Today, 71% of people using the Internet in America consider buying any drug online convenient and 56% are considering buying OTC drugs online as the most affordable option. At the same time, 50% of online users have real experience of buying medicines (including vitamins), and 56% – OTC drugs.

Another encouraging fact is that searches for online drug purchases have nearly doubled over the past year. In general, the number of such requests has been growing steadily since 2014. The Internet is becoming an important health consultant for users – according to a survey conducted by Google and Tiburon, 54% of Americans look for information online at the first discomfort symptoms. To turn a potential willingness into a real purchase, you need to understand what barriers to such a purchase currently exist and how you can overcome them.

Most often, drugs that relieve acute conditions are bought via the Internet:

  • pain relievers (52%);
  • medicines for the common cold and antiviral drugs (48%);
  • antipyretics (45%);
  • cough suppressants (43%);
  • sedatives (37%);
  • antibiotics (34%).

Thus, delivery speed is of particular importance in order to guarantee customer loyalty. In general, delivery speed is a key factor in growth or lack thereof in this category in the world.

Discounts on medicines as a stimulus for development

Many pharmaceutical companies are taking steps to attract customers to online services. They offer various bonuses like 2 + 1 discounts like offered by Discount Canadian Pharmacy where you can buy generic drugs online.

Also, companies can provide promotional or free shipping for an order for a certain amount. All this and much more can attract buyers to your service for the sale and delivery of online medicines.

International delivery for online services

Work on the delivery speed: often people need medicines urgently, and the sooner they receive them, the higher the likelihood of re-purchase. At the same time, it is very important not only to promise fast delivery, but also to really provide it.

Adjust shipping prices, making them more optimal and profitable for customers. There is nothing more convenient than delivering medicines directly to your home.

As a result, many people agree to wait several hours or days for ordering medicines. Because of this, buying drugs online becomes very convenient for all occasions.