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Addison Lee The Driver Challenge Winner Announced

Just who were the lucky winners of our "Find the Driver" contest, sponsored by Addison Lee?The “Meet the Driver” competition has been a great success, with many registered users completing our short quest to be able to win 1,000 worth of travel with Addison Lee in and around London.

We closed the entry to the competition on Thursday the 30th of September. As we have promised we put all the entered names into a hat and and pulled out a lucky winner, here in our office in Shoreditch, London. As we were selecting the winner for the big prize and two runners up we have taken some wonderful photos to record the moment.

We will directly contact the winners and arrange the hand over of the wonderful 1,000 worth of travel with Addison Lee to our lucky winner also the runners up will be receiving a copy of “The Treasures of Tutankhamun!

The lucky winner who will receive 1,000 worth of travel in and around London by Addison Lee is :Rodine, and the two runners up who will receive a copy of the The Treasures of Tutankhamun aredfliesenandJuan Guzzy.

Congratulations to all the lucky winners and thanks a lot to all who have participated in the quest.

Join me at King Tut Virtual for more fun quests

If you have have missed this contest but are still interested what we have to offer then go gallivanting round King Tut’s treasure-laden tomb, visit rebel-city Amarna by the Nile, and discover the wonders of ancient Egypt. Soon we will be offering new challenges with more exciting prizes so keep an eye on this space.

If you are new to virtual worlds and would like to explore more then please join me for live tours during weekdays 4pm London time. Explore the Valley of the Kings with me, Meral Crifasi and my avatar. We will take a guided tour, complete a quest, listen to live music with friends.

Your first Virtual Steps

If you have never been in the virtual world before this a great opportunity as I will be there to answer any of your questions and help you with any problems you might come across. It is always more interesting to explore with friends so do invite a friend or two to share your experience.

Quest Your Way to Find the Mummies

Find out how the Ancient Egyptians created mummies in Heritage Key Virtual!Exploring is more fun now with the new Heritage Key Virtual Quest in the Treasures region!

As you land in the Arrivals Area after logging into Heritage Key Virtual, make your way to the teleports where you will see several destinations. Selecting “Treasures” will take you to King Tutankhamun’sGolden Shrine.

One of the museum guides will give you the keys that you will need to find the mummy. This is a short quest which will take you into the Golden Shrine. You will slowly open and enter the layers of the shrine and while doing you will get real close to the life-like example of the greatest find in archaeology. Be fascinated by each close-up zoom to Tutankhamun’s Golden Coffins; the details are breathtakingly intricate and stunning. Of course, we have bought some excitement to the questing and we can assure you if you are scared of heights and dark rooms, this will definitely do the trick.

Once you reach the end and find the key where the mummy is hiding you will be rewarded with a Quest Badge. By linking your Heritage Key account to your Facebook profile, you will then be able to share your Find the Mummy Badge on your Facebook wall. There are many other quests throughout the other regions. Do visit the Valley of the Kings where there is one short but fun quest to find the Golden Mask in the Valley of the Kings. Finish all quests, explore, have fun and share the rewards with your friends in Facebook.

While you are in Valley of the Kings don’t forget to click on the driver to have your chance to win a 1,000 worth of travel with Addison Lee, the London Based minicab company. Addison Lee will provide 1000 of cab rides in and around London to one lucky winner. The closing deadline to enter is today, so be quick!

Meet-Up at the Valley of the Kings for Live Music

Each week we bring you musicians from around the world to perform live in our virtual destinations. Last week, we had three great musicians with a wonderful audience for more then three hours of live music. This week all our live music events will be held in the Valley of the Kings where you can also participate in an amazing contest with an unbeliveable 1,000 worth of travel with our Sponsor Addison Lee the leading car hire company in London . Now that’s a great treat! To learn more about the contest come and join us during one of our events or simply click here to learn more

Escapist Escapism is playing Monday July 5th at 9PM London time

Twinghost Ronas – Thursday 22th July 2010, 12AM London Time (4PM PDT)

Throughout his eclectic 25-years of playing, recording and producing music, Twinghost Ronas has always been a songwriter first. From the city of brotherly love, TwinGhost cut his musical teeth playing in bands spanning across all genres of music. As a signed artist in the 1980’s and 90’s, TwinGhost has released recordings under A&M and MCA records as well as many small independent labels writing, producing, recording and distributing several records and CD’s world wide of original music. His experience has made him a well seasoned artist In search of the perfect pop song.

Anek Fuchs Back on the Grid (1.12.10)

Escape Unplugged – Friday 23th July 2010, 9PM London Time (1PM PDT)

Escape Unplugged is as much a music project as it is an avatar. A group of musicians or one musician? Played on ancient instruments or tones generated by a computer? Or both? Or all of the above? The truth is, it doesnt matter. What matters is the intent. The intention is that Escape Unplugged makes music to calm, soothe, inspire, uplift and heal the spirit. It’s music to escape to – not in a negative way, but as something to escape TO, an oasis for the spirit to drift on and swim deep into while the stresses and strains are washed away. It’s music that allows you to pause and breathe deeply for a while. Music for meditation and prayer, or to remind you to simply BE for a moment.

Saturday July 28, 2010 2am London time

Terry Lynn plays on Saturday July 10 ,2010 at 2am London timeTerry Lynn is a musician and songwriter who has been featured on National Public Radio, Clear Channel Radio, and Fox Television in Florida. Terry has won numerous awards for my vocals as well as several songwriting contests and is a published writer, and ASCAP member To listen to some of the songs visit http://www.terrylynnsongs.com
What has been written about Terry on the press: Terry Lynn shows a tremendous innate understanding of the essence of compelling song writing. From her heart and mind, lyrics and melodies flow that evoke the most warmly remembered sensibilities of modern American folk. Her songs are finely crafted but have a raw quality that is delivered with intelligence and captivating emotion

“Terry Lynn is one of those gifted artists that lights up the stage….and when you listen to her velvet voice, all seems right at that moment in time.”

“This artists music paints lucid pictures of human nature for her audience. Songs like We Can Be manage to captivate the most minimal details and get to the bottom of things by singing personal, delicate, and expansive music. Conrads joins enthusiasm with a keen sense of phrasing which is something essential for a vocalistsomething she calls genuine. ” … “her two passions, words and music, would fuse together years later and make her one of the most sincere and influential songwriters today.” Yohanna de la Torre Gulf Coast Time Magazine

Meet the Driver Challenge

Meet the Driver Challenge Your chance to win 1,000 in travel with Addison Lee

Travel to Heritage Key’s virtual Valley of the Kings before the 26th of August 2010 and you could win a prize worth 1,000. In the valley, meet up with the virtual Addison Lee driver to be entered in the prize draw for 1,000 with leading car hire service Addison Lee.

But why stop there? Visit King Tut’s treasure-laden tomb, explore ancient rebel city Amarna by the Nile, and discover the wonders of ancient Egypt. King Tut’s Golden Mask is hidden in the Valley of the Kings. The locals hold the clues to the where the mask lies. Once you find it, you will earn your badge to share.

To start your quest head over to Valley of the Kings and click on the Addison Lee Driver. Complete your quest between 12th to the 26th July and get a chance to win a copy of The Treasures of Tutankhamun“.

As you complete and earn your badge your name will be automatically entered into a draw. We will announce the winner on 27th of July on our website.

To complete the ‘Meet the Driver’ challenge:

STEP 1 – Register a freeaccount with Heritage Key
STEP2 – Choose your avatar
STEP3 – Download and install our software
STEP 4 – Log on to the virtual Valley of the Kings and click the Addison Lee driver you’ll meet there.

Start by registering your free account

By entering this competition you agree to the Terms & Conditions: Register by 26/8/10 to be automatically entered into 1,000 Addison Lee prize draw. The winner will be able to add the 1,000 credit to an existing Addison Lee account or the amount will be credited to a new account. Only one registration per user. No cash alternative. Winner will be chosen on 30/9/10. Employees of Rezzable Productions Ltd or Addison Lee and their immediate family are not eligible to win.

Contests in King Tut Virtual

We haThe Locals hold the clues to the missing King Tut Death Mask.d a busy start to the week with the launch of an exciting new contest to give our readers a chance to win 1,000 worth of travel with Addison Lee – Just imagine taking the cab to jet around London whenever you want! As well as wonderful prizes we also now offer the chance to earn badges that you can show off on Facebook and share with your friends. To learn more about our “Meet the Driver” contest which is sponsored by Addison Lee, simply click here and get started .

Whilst the main contest is going on, we will be launching smaller fun quests around the Valley of the Kings where we will offer fun ways of exploring and earning exciting smaller prizes. We have been making mischief and have hidden King Tut’s Golden Mask in the Valley of the Kings. The locals hold the clues to the where the mask lies. Once you find it, you will earn your badge to share. To start your quest head over to Valley of the Kings and click on the Addison Lee Driver. complete your quest between 12th to the 26th July and get a chance to win a copy of The Treasures of Tutankhamun“.

Learning about the Life by the Nile. You can explore the virtual areas whenever you want to visit, but when the experience is shared with others it becomes more fun and exciting. Keeping this in mind we set up some live tours where I will be in the virtual areas to give you a planned tour of the selected area and also assist you with any questions you may have. I can help you to change your avatar’s look, to take virtual photographs or do something more adventurous while going through many quests together. Bring along a friend and join me at our weekly scheduled hours in Heritage Key Virtual.

Ihave started the first tour in the Nile area talking about the Life by the Nile. This region gives you a chance to see a slice of daily life in the 18th Dynasty at Amarna, Egypt during the reign of Akhenaten and Nefertiti. You can take part in a fun battle on a Nile river raft against each other or challenge the river gods. Have you ever played rock, paper, scissors game in a virtual world? You can even challenge me next time, so watch this space for more tours coming up. Click here to learn more about the Virtual Things To Do. We have also taken some breathtaking photos of the Nile in the Egyptian sunset – check out some of our photos in the Heritage Key Virtual Flickr Group.

Enthusiastic History Experts Needed!

Here at Heritage Key we are looking for enthusiastic history experts who can stream live lectures using our Virtual Areas. Are you are fascinated about Egypt, Stonehenge , Terracota Warriors or the Assyrian Lion Hunt? Heritage Key website and Heritage Key Virtual both create a wonderful platform to reach a wide range of enthusiasts around the world who would love to walk through the Valley of the Kings by an expert and listen to a lecture about the period. There are endless exciting opportunuties to create live events, and lectures that are to be broadcasted simultaneously on the web, on the virtual environment and later to be available as podcast. The other exciting thing is yes, you get paid to do the lecture.

A quick look at our promo video should let you know what we’re looking for: a genuine interest in the ancient world, and an ability to walk through the subject with confidence and enthusiasm.

If you are interested in for the role, just submit a video response to the promo videobelow(click the video here, then when on YouTube click on ‘Post a Video Response’ just below the video – it’s above the text comments).

We’re not looking for high-tech camera wizardry, just a personality who can show the world how great the Ancient History is. Deadline for entrants is Sunday May 30th– that’s just two weeks, well almost!

  • Record your video stating who you are, what’s your expertise and what would you like your topic to be in your lectures
  • Upload short video to youtube and leave the link in our comments
  • The recordings will be in our office in London
  • The lecturer will be paid 250 pounds for four 20 mins long lectures that are streamed live and recorded in one day max.

If you would like to find out how we found our presenter of Ancient World in London series

We are excited about these new series of Lectures and we hope you are too.

Ancient World in London: Events Highlights

Exciting new web event and content series the Ancient World in London comes to an end very soon. Started at February 2010, the project is sponsored exclusively by Addison Lee, London’s largest minicab service. During the three months we hope we have inspired people to set out for adventures and make their own great historical discoveries either live in London or online.

Ancient World in London featured a variety of events, and a fabulous series of videos. It all started when we searched for the face of Heritage Key and were overwhelmed by the responses we received from keen explorers.

Since then, our Heritage Key presenters and video crew have trawled all over London and further to give site users a different perspective of the ancient roots of our modern city. In addition, the site has been bulging with blogposts, competitions, and live events, with the added thrill of the promise of the grand prize.

Here are some of our best bits…

Virtual Experience

What we were looking for were images that captured the way in which the ancient world is revealed in the modern day

Heritage Key’s Virtual Experience brought an extra dimension to our package of web content. Heritage Key Grid – running on OpenSim with some extra magic added to it – shows ancient Egypt, the Valley of the Kings, the treasures from Tutankhamun’s tomb and, most recently added, Stonehenge. It is easy to REGISTERand have a look at what we have created.

Users are able to interact in an immersive space and share their experiences with your friends and other like-minded people. Throughout the series we had daily live tours and quests in Virtual Stonehenge, plus our own book discussions.

We also brought to you some live musicians who performed live from different parts of the world to the Heritage Key Audience. One of these live music events was particularly special as it was for a good cause – to raise funds to help the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

Singer and songwriter Kirsty Hawkshaw performed a live concert to raise money in aid of the crisis in Haiti on Saturday 27th March. Heritage Key streamed the concert at Stonehenge Virtual where the online audience could listen and donate to the cause online (Watch the Promo video). It was a fantastic night which raised over 700 for the Foundry/Haiti fund. Donations were made both at the venue and online from people who listened to the concert from around the world in Heritage Key Virtual.

Our photography competition for photos taken in Heritage Key Virtual was a very popular challenge. With stunning landscapes, awesome costumes and plenty of wildlife, HKVirtual is an area well worth ‘snapshotting’. We had some amazing shots taken by some incredibly talented photographers. Check out our Heritage Key Virtual Flickr group to have sense of what you can achieve also in the virtual environment.


Creative and Fun

We had some really fun contests along the way. Our Valentine’s Day special was my favourite one: we asked our audience to be original as well as historical and create an ancient-style personal ad. Some very clever ads were submitted, but the winner was Loki Popinjay with his ever-so-funny entry ‘Young man, well connected, in possession of fig leave and spare rib is looking for young lady with an apple and a hunger for knowledge to get humanity started. Pets no objection’. Loki won a romantic meal for two in Stonehenge Virtual, with live music thrown in.


We also had some brain teasers. Users could test their knowledge, and win points, with our popular online London quizzes.Ancient World in London quizzes help you test all that you’ve learned throughout the series, and turbo boost you right up the points leaderboard. We had Prehistoric London Quiz, Roman London Quiz and many more. They’re still available, so why not take the test and find out how much you really know about ancient London?

Photography Challenges:

One popular competition which rolled out online and on the ground was the photography contest series. The competition series started with Ancient World in London Spotted. We asked our readers to simply snap photos of the ancient sights that they had spotted in and around London. We weren’t looking for high-res professionalism – iPhone quality was fine – which made it so easy to participate. What we were looking for were images that captured the way in which the ancient world is revealed in the modern day. Our first winner was Daveograve with his fantastic take on the Egyptian Sphinx at Embankment (see the image above). We had many more photography competitions with fun themes around London such as Boudicca Spotted in London, and Spot the City of London Griffins. Visit our Ancient World inLondon Flickr photo pool to see more excellent entries, or check some of the images below.

Bloggers Challenges

Headed by some of our key writers such as Malcolm Jack, E.P. Wohlfart – and me! – the Bloggers Challenges quickly became an interesting series. We announced topics such as violence in edutainment, the future of tourism, repatriation of the Rosetta Stone, and the most influential invasions, and attracted many bloggers to enter challenging discussions on each issue.

We had some very interesting responses to the bloggers challenges, which opened us up to many expert bloggers’ ideas and insights. We believe that these community challenges bring the best out of the web community in many ways, and will definitely keep the series running.

In London


Click To Watch Video
Episode 10: Ancient Astronomy
A recent lecture given by astronomer Paul Murdin offered a fascinating insight into how ancient Britons studied the stars, Sun and Moon to understand what it was they saw in the night sky.

Heritage Key hosted an amazing lecture by Professor Paul Murdin live in London. Professor Murdin is a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, former President of the European Astronomical Society and Visiting Professor at John Moores University, Liverpool, and he currently works at the Institute of Astronomy at the University of Cambridge. The talk, entitled ‘Unlocking the Wonders of Astronomy’, showed how man’s obsession with the heavens has endured for thousands of years, from the first cities of Sumer to the technological breakthroughs of today’s most powerful nations. The presentation was held at Cicada, a hip restaurant in the heart of the City of London. Watch the video that covers the interview with Paul Murdin here, or click the image on the right.

First ever interview with the London Stone:

Click To Watch Video
Episode 1: The London Stone
Meet our three intrepid explorers who will take an adventure across the Ancient World in London – Jamie Hobbis, Natalie Foster and Nicole Favish – who over the next 3 months will appear in Heritage Key’s new webseries, proudly sponsored by Addison Lee.

Ever felt like you’ve been speaking to a brick wall? Well, we really have been! We hooked up with the London Stone on Twitter and asked it all we wanted to know so that our followers on twitter could experience it live. And though you can get a huge dose of the stone’s history in our inaugural Ancient World in London video, this was a web event not to be missed.

We have been to the London Stone many times as we were filming some of the videos there, so we have been introduced before. Learn more about the interview that took place live on twitter here.

Pub Quiz

We organised a pub Quiz on April Fool’s day with the Heritage Key Crew at the Red Lion – one of the oldest pubs in the city. It was a fun gathering where people could learn some interesting and important facts about London, win some great prizes, or just simply learn a bit more and have a couple pints with the Heritage Key Crew.

So, I think the above covers only some of the events that we have run during the exciting three months of the Ancient World in London series. As we come to an end we are getting very close to revealing the winner of the Grand prize, sponsored by Turkey holiday specialist HolidayMate – a week’s holiday for two in Turkey.

The prize is a breathtaking holiday for 2 people for 7 nights on the sunny shores of Dalaman, Turkey. The lucky winners will be treated to 4 star bed and breakfast accommodation at Green Anatolia Hotel, Fethiye – Ovacik. All flights from the UK to Dalaman are included, along with airport transfers. Your stay will also cover a two day tour of Lycian sites around the area. We will announce the winner on our website next week so watch this space real close and see you on another adventure. Will it be you? Stay tuned to find out!

New! Live Music and Amarna Area in King Tut Virtual

Get up close and personal with the Bust of Nefertiti in Heritage Key Virtual's new Amarna! Image by Meral CrifasiWe’re always busy at Heritage Key striving to bring you exciting new activities and more places to explore. If you have been to King Tut Virtual before you might have had a visit to the Amarna area by the Nile. We have been really extending that area to give you a sign of how life was by the Nile around 1350 BC.

If you come along to the Amarna area now, we’ll offer to dress your avatar as an Egyptian from head to toe, and even get you to dance like an Egyptian. Also, to celebrate the launch of this newly-expanded area, we’re hosting two amazing free gigs in Amarna Virtual.

What You’ll Learn of Your Trip to the Nile

When you arrive in Heritage Key Virtual and get to the travel hub, you’ll see the sign ‘Life on the Nile 1350 BC’. Select this option and we will teleport you to the Amarna area, where you can see the Amarna house, and some of the era’s most distinctive artefacts, including the much-debated, and admired, Bust of Nefertiti.

Try your hand at cooking in Ancient Egypt!See the Amarna Letters – over 300 of them – which were discovered when locals tried to sell several. These tablets reveal a lot about the legal framework and diplomacy of the period. These letters allow for discussion about the political climate at the time, and the impact of Akhenatens revolution.

You can also learn about the nature and the wildlife around the Nile, and spot hippos, crocodiles, fish and birds along the Nile and surrounding area. Meet the fictional scribe of the royal court who resides in our Amarna house, and find out what his day to day life is like. His son is training to do the same job. Other jobs described, shown, or mentioned include vizier, musician, farmer, fisherman, artisan, artist, and servant.

Before you leave Amarna, be sure to try your hand at our ‘Royal Match’ game. In this task you need to pair off three royal couples of the 18th dynasty. Get it right and you win a fantastic reward.

Things to do in Amarna

There’s plenty to do during your visit to the Nile. Try your hand at bread-making, chariot repair, playing the Zumara and Lute, applying Egyptian make-up, and gathering reeds. After all that, you can also try cooling off and relaxing on an Amarna rooftop.

Here are a few things that you can do in our Amarna area:

  • Uncover – find four clay tablets containing clues to a plot against the royal court, as well as who in the household to tell about it. Be careful to tell the right person!
  • Explore – a day-in-the-life challenge that has you exploring seven different tasks – do them all and your reward is a walk-like-an-Egyptian AO and ring.
  • Create – an exploration of the art of the Amarna period – collect a rubbing of all of the items while wearing the charcoal and paper (don’t try this in a RL museum) and you’ll be rewarded.
  • Challenge – do battle on a Nile river raft, either against a friend, or against the river gods. This is a classic rock-papyrus-scissors battle, with the added danger of lurking hippos.
  • Match – find the ‘Royal Match’ game in the house and match the three royal couples to receive your own Sobek mask.

Relax by the river Nile and listen to some great music next weekend in Heritage Key Virtual!

Live Music This Week For the Opening

To celebrate the opening of this great area of the virtual ancient world, we have two amazing live music events coming up, featuring California artists Eric Sampson and Craig Lyons.

Eric Sampson Performs on Wednesday 21st April at 20hr GMT.

Guitarist and singer-songwriter Eric Sampson’s blend of soul, rock and pop is coming to Amarna Virtual on Wednesday 21th of April 20hr GMT. Eric has strummed at some of LA’s most happening nightspots, including The Rainbow, The Viper Room, Key Club, The Mint, Molly Malones and the House of Blues, and just released his first album, There For Me. Hear his music and see some of his videos on his MySpace page.

Craig Lyons will be performing on Saturday 24th April at 21hr GMT.

Craig is a passionate songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and composer who exploded into LA’s independent music scene with the release of his fourth album OnReflection. He was quickly picked up by Universal Music, Fox and MTV. He has been twice nominated for the LAMusic Awards, and scooped ‘Artist of the Year’ at the Star Music Awards in 2008. Craig is a passionate environmentalist, and loves to gig virtually. Help the music industry reduce its carbon footprint by joining Craig in the virtual area for a concert to remember. You can check his profile and music at his website or MySpace page, or you can follow him on Twitter.

Play to Win a Holiday in Turkey!

To take part in these free gigs, just turn up in Amarna Virtual at the specified dates and times, and let us treat you to some real live California soul. We have more events in the pipeline, and will let you know details as soon as we can release them. In the meantime, check our Ancient World in London series, where there are plenty more competitions, quizzes and other things to do. There’s not long left to earn enough points to qualify you to win a holiday in Turkey, and this week we’re giving away bonus points, so get exploring!

Blogger Challenge Comes to an End: Sex Guns and Education… So Who Wins?

Playing games all night - but can it be educational too? Image Credit - Patrick Brosset.How do we create virtual entertainment that’s meaningful, yet still fun enough without guns or sex? Is it possible? This is the question we asked three weeks ago, when we invited many game designers, education specialists and anyone interested in the future of our young generations to share their thoughts.

We received a very balanced variety of thoughts on the subject. Here, I will outline some of the thoughts that were presented, and, of course, announce the winner of this particular Bloggers Challenge, before letting you know about the next theme.

I follow Rik’s blog Betterverse: Nonprofits in the Virtual World, where Rik covers issues relating to virtual worlds and education. His post Are Kids Abandoning Toys for Online Worlds a Good Thing? really grabbed my attention right at the time when I was asking exactly the same question myself. As a mother of two young boys I experience the same thing. Kids would rather play on the computer, Wii or their Nintendo than with their Playmobil or Lego. I try to limit the amount of time they spend each week and all this time still question if the electronic games are in any way harming or actually simulating my kids. Rik’s entry to the Blogger Challenge was on What Online Education Projects Can Learn from Popular Games.

I’m not advocating the end of reading Shakespeare; I am advocating “living” Shakespeare while reading the plays.

Rik states that: In fact, a lot of learning happens even in the most violent games like Grand Theft Auto and God of War.’ He claims thatthinking, strategic focus, resource allocation, and other skills beyond simply reaction time and hand-eye-coordination are all being developed through the gameplay. But at what expense? In my opinion, games that make crime look cool to young people should not be allowed. I do agree with Rik that there are lot of things that educators can learn from video games, and I am a great fan of his wonderful series I Dig Science (check out the short video about their first camp, I Dig Tanzania). I believe we need more educators like Rik to get our kids involved in science in different ways.

The second entry was from Iggy O who is a faculty member in Rhetoric & Communication Studies at the University of Richmond who has been active in virtual worlds since January, 2007.I also follow his thoughts in his blog In A Strange Land regularly. His entry to the challenge, More Than a Game, suggested getting students involved in roleplay, and creating areas in the virtual world for literature. I can not agree more with Iggy O on his thoughts about incorporating both virtual and real life experiences in education. “What if, instead, we took what is best about that sort of learning–critical thinking and research–and employed them in genres students would forget were “for a class”? I’m not advocating the end of reading Shakespeare; I am advocating “living” Shakespeare while reading the plays.” His project to honour Edgar Allen Poe is simply amazing, and from the look of it it’s been appreciated and well explored by the students too.

The third entry was from Rebecca‘s Hot Tap Media blog withAre Educational Games without Guns any Fun? Rebecca comes in with her personal experience as a non-violent-gamer and explains very clearly why the mainstream games bore her to death and why she is still searching for a game that will make her cry. I think we all would agree with Rebecca on this “By separating entertainment and education we suggest that the two are mutual exclusive, which is just not the case. At pre-school, there is as much emphasis on playing catch or finding out what a policeman does as there is on learning maths and the alphabet everythings educational. Its the same for us grown-ups.” All I can add is that finding the balance right is the hardest challenge.

The next entry is from the wonderful people in eModeration and the blog entry wasSex, Guns and Education? I am more than delighted to find out that we managed to get most people in eModeration to question the subject and managed to hear several opinions on the subject, if not a single clear answer. I had to sympathise with Tia, who wrote: “Oh, Ok, perhaps I’m being a bit overly sensitive! But the violence is SO ubiquitous and just really, really, really tedious to see it played out between my two small humans when screen time has finished …It’s a lively debate that doesn’t look likely to be settled in a hurry” I would highly recommend that you also read the other views on the blogpost, which make an interesting read.

The Nintendo Wii has spawned a whole new generation of computer gaming kids. Image Credit - Ianus Keller.A surprise entry was from a long time gamer Prad Prathivi on Metaversally Speaking and the blog was Learning Through Pixels:Can Education Mix with Games. I found it very interesting that Prad puts great emphasis on the need for games to be addictive. He writes: So how much education can you fit in a game before it loses that addictive ‘’ feeling? Can you be learning and still stay up 48 hours straight to make it to the final boss?”. I really enjoyed reading about the different examples that he brought into the discussion, and I liked the way he ends his post: “Technology is the future, and education is the key. Can the two be combined? Of course. Interactive games will redefine the way children are taught and as it stands, its a market for the taking“.

Time to Announce the Winner…

The above entries all offered different, interesting thoughts and opinions, and it was difficult to select a winner. However, we thought that the very last entry, by Livius from The History Blog, expressed a particularly strong and balanced response in: How to make history appeal to the gaming generation. I really enjoyed Livius’ in-depth study of the history-based virtual games that are available from different sources. There is one point he makes that I thought was particularly valuable to this discussion: “The question then becomes how do would-be educators tap into this parallel world of learning. Virtual online environments are a great way to explore cultural and historical landmarks that you cant see in person, or which you couldnt possibly explore in the kind of detail the virtual replica provides.”

Livius wins five books of his choice from Thames & Hudson’s current catalogue. He also scoops the usual 100 points for entering, plus a whooping extra 500 points, putting him well on his way towards winning a fabulous holiday in Turkey for two. So congratulations Livius – I will add your points right away.

Still Chance to Win!

We’re looking forward to reading a good range of responses on the issue, so start writing yours now! This week is bonus points week, so there’s never been a better time to start participating in Ancient World in London.

Tweet to Win a Holiday in Turkey: Bonus Points up For Grabs This Week Only!

Oludeniz beach, near FethiyeThe grand finale of the Ancient World in London series is approaching and one lucky explorer will be walking away with the grand prize – a holiday in Fethiye, Ovacik, Turkey, courtesy of HolidayMate. To be in with a chance, you will need 1066 points. To thank all you AWiL participants for your tireless explorations, we’re offering special bonus points this week to increase your chance of scooping this amazing holiday.

Prize courtesy of HolidayMate.The prize is a breathtaking holiday for 2 people for 7 nights on the sunny shores of Ovacik, Turkey. The lucky winners will be treated to 4 star bed and breakfast accommodation at Green Anatolia Hotel, Fethiye – Ovacik. All flights from the UK to Dalaman are included, along with airport transfers. Your stay will also cover a two day tour of ancient Lycian sites around Dalyan. The flights are out of the UK airports only but if you are living outside of the UK don’t worry – you can either travel to London or give the holiday prize to a friend to enjoy who is actually living in the UK.

Climb up the Points Leaderboard:

There are the other ways to earn extra points this week. In fact, all the usual ways in which you can earn points have been given a boost, making this the best time ever to participate in Heritage Key.

How to Earn Bonus Points This Week:

  1. Registering on Heritage Key. Do you know what year London was founded? That is the number of points you’ll get just for registering. Start here.
  2. Asking your friends to join us. Share your favourite locations with them and see who can make it to 1066 first. You get10 points for each friend you invite, and a dashing 100 points when they sign up. There is a limit to the number of friends you can invite to the site, so we suggest you choose the 20 most fun ones.
  3. Sharing your opinion.Some people are shy about commenting on history. To help you overcome your fear of commenting, we’ll grant you 10 points for each comment. Have you seen a good film (Avatar comes to mind) or read a good book?Your opinion and rating on a publication gets you 20 points.
  4. Correcting us. We admit we sometimes make mistakes. Point out an obvious flaw – one that cannot be debated – in an article or blogpost, and be rewarded with our eternal gratitude and 50 points.
  5. Not abandoning us!Once a week, for logging in to Heritage Key, we will reward you with 10 users points.

You have until midnight on 30th April to take advantage of this points giveaway.

Check out our things to do page regularly to follow what we are doing and what’s planned.