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Bettany Hughes Video Journal: Socrates, Sappho, Aryans and more

Bettany Hughes talks to Heritage Key about her upcoming projects, including radio shows on Sappho and the Aryan civilisation, and her upcoming book on Greek philosopher Socrates.Sappho the Greek poet, Socrates the famous philosopher and the fascinating Aryan Culture which formed the basis of Eastern and Western civilisation have all been occupying my time in recent months but I had the chance to make a Heritage KeyVideo Journal entry (watch the video now) while I was recording in a London studio for a new BBC Documentary about the Aryan culture.

Going out to Siberia, at the Russian-Kazakhstan border (click to open map), to see the homeland of the Aryans was very, very stimulating and intellectually very exciting, but particularly fascinating were that many of the artefacts are covered with Swastika imagery as I explain in my VideoJournal(watch it here).

I’ve just completed the manuscript for my upcoming book (“The Hemlock Cup: Scorates, Athens and the Search for the Good Life”) about the Greek philosopher Socrates, though if you can’t wait for that, you can check out my other publications such as “Helen of Troy: Goddess, Princess, Whore” (buy the book) and “The Seven Ages of Britain” (buy the book). You can also listen to the BBC Radio 4 Great Lives episode about Sappho over on BBCiPlayer.

HD Video: Bettany Hughes on Socrates, Sappho, Aryans and Spartan Girls

(Read the transcript here)

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