‘Duckfretete’ Nefertiti Invades Germany

Duckomenta - A quack to far?We’re all strangely used to Donald Duck wearing nothing but a sailor’s shirt (it’d get him an ASBO these days), but what about Walt Disney’s second most famous creation as Queen Nefertiti, or the Mona Lisa? Or, if the site of a cross-dressing Donald shatters your childhood memories, how about Duckbert Einstein, or Duck Guevara?

Duckomenta is one of this year’s stranger exhibitions. Taking Donald as their launchpad, artist cliqu InterDuck (that’s right) have recreated a plethora of famous pieces of art with the rasp-tongued mallard as star. But while the show, which visits Hildesheim’s Roemer-und-Pelizaeus Museum (in hot water with SCA chief Zahi Hawass over its display of the Statue of Hemiunu) from September until next May (2011), has plenty of great takes on famous historical paintings, our favourite has to be ‘Duckfretete’, Donald’s turn as the Bust of Nefertiti.

Dr Hawass may be the only person on the planet not to see the show’s funny side, as he continues his uphill struggle to repatriate the bust from Berlin’s Neues Museum. But InterDuck (no, really) will hardly care: their creations have been enjoyed by over a million people since 1984.

Donald Fauntleroy Duck is no stranger to ancient Egypt. An episode of the Duck Tales series saw his family travel to see the pyramids, Sphinx et al, while I hope the video below will reacquaint you with one of the best games ever made for the Mega Drive (or Genesis for those of you across the pond). That cheesy 8-bit music and Arabesqe meanies are vital to the plot and in no way stereotyping Egyptians, honest.

Duckomenta runs at the Roemer-und-Pelizaeus Museum from September 11 to May 1. If you’ve seen the show, let us know what you think in the comments below!