Beneath the Pyramids: Exploring Egypt’s Underground for the First Time

Beneath the Pyramids - Exploring Egypt's Underground for the First TimeBRITISH WRITER DISCOVERS THE PHARAOHS LOST UNDERGROUND
Wednesday, 16 September 2009

A British writer has staked claim to finally finding the lost underground of the Pharaohs which has been rumoured to exist since the construction of the Great Pyramid nearly 5,000 years ago, creating a stir that is set to rock the Egyptological world.

Armed only with the forgotten memoirs of a nineteenth century British engineer, history and science writer Andre Coolings, tracked down the entrance to this forgotten tunnel system and was the first to explore it in modern times.

Is it possible that Coolings has beaten the Egyptologists at their own game by finding the entrance to Gizas lost underground?

Dr Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of Egypts Supreme Council of Antiquities has been quick to dismiss the discovery: There are no new discoveries to be made at Giza, he stated. We know everything about the platform – amateurs cannot find anything new. Yet Coolings is confident that his discovery is genuine: We have consulted the TFL in London, the MTA New York, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and have found no mention of the tube in modern times.”

Coolings says that since the tunnels are tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of years old, they may have influenced the development not only of the famous pyramid field but also ancient Egyptian beliefs in an underground where the soul achieves resurrection before ascending to the stars. Ancient funerary texts clearly allude to the existence of a subterranean world in the vicinity of the Giza pyramids, calling it variously the Underground of the Soul and the Subway. He said. Hopefully, the existence of the caves will help us understand the earliest human activity on the platform.

The full story of the discovery of Egypts lost underground is revealed in Coolingss new book Beneath the Pyramids.

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