Where’s Atlantis? Find Out Now with our Interactive Google Flyover

Atlantis has got to be one of the world’s most longstanding myths. Devised by Plato over 2,500 years ago, its popularity has rarely waned, and has been the birthplace for some of humanity’s most truly bizarre theories. From Gibraltar to the Aegean, it seems everyone’s had their say on the whereabouts of the mysterious island, that was supposedly created by Poseidon. Not all of Atlantis’ proponents, it must be said, are total crackpots. There’s logic, bathymetric studies and topographical data to back their claims – however spurious they may frequently seem. Others most definitely do fit the conspiracy theorist bill, however, and you’ll see from some of these possibilities that Plato’s baby has been stretched to within an inch of its life to squeeze some credibility into a hopeless hunch. Yet despite all this hot air – or because of it – Atlantis still manages to capture the imagination of people the world over, and is rarely out of the news across the globe.

“Not all Atlantis theorists are crackpots. Some, but not all.”

But don’t worry about reading books and sexed-up tabloid reports, HK is here for you with an interactive Google Map outlining some of the best-known theories on Atlantis’ whereabouts. We’ve condensed them into palatable little bite-sized packages for you to perouse, as well as letting you know where they rise and inevitably fall flat on their backsides. Maybe there’s one here that particularly appeals to you?All you need is a bit of time, some odd-looking facts and a keyboard and you could be making this map in a year’s time!

The tour enables you to fly over and explore the sites and their surroundings, and where you see a Heritage Key logo, you can click it and you’ll see more information about the adjacent landmark.

To view this Google Earth Tour, you will need to download additional software created by Google. You will require Google Earth 5.0 which will need to be installed in order to explore the aerial photography in a 3D environment. Once the software is installed, you will need to return to this webpage and download Google Earth Plugin (Your browser should meet minimum requirements). the Plugin can be downloaded by selecting it in the panel below:

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You can also download this tour to your computer by clicking here, selecting “Save” and then running the file. It will automatically open Google Earth and begin the Heritage Key: Ancient Rome tour.

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