Dr Kara Cooney Holding her Own on Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show

Some people might look to Dr Zahi Hawass, bedecked in Indiana Jones denim shirt and Stetson hat, for a paragon of archaeological cool. Others could point to Kathleen Martinez, currently hunting for the tomb of Cleopatra at Taposiris Magna, as the epitome of a dynamic modern adventurer. But how many Egyptologists could realistically hold their own on long-running US chat show TheLate Late Show, hosted by Scottish funnyman Craig Ferguson? I’m struggling to think of any – much less anyone who’s done it three times. It must have been child’s play when the lovely Dr Kara Cooneyspoke to me about her recent series Out of Egypt. Enjoy: there aren’t many times you’ll catch an Egyptologist chatting about ‘dirty wet parts’ (of a mummified body, ahem) on prime-time television.

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