Check out Stonehenge with this Awesome Blender Reconstruction

Stonehenge Blender - Still from the VideoThe Heritage Key office may be bristling with excitement at the prospect of our own Virtual Stonehenge – the progress of which you can see right here each week.. errr.. starting next week. But the anticipation has clearly proved too much for this online architect, who thought he’d have a go at the megalithic masterpiece himself. Andreas Trunk’s Stonehenge reconstruction is the first in a series exploring circular buildings of the ancient world, the next being Delphi’s famous Marmaria, and we reckon this is a pretty good first shot. Taking the stones as they are today, Trunk attempts to explain how the existing fragments would have looked in their original positions (we wouldn’t want to get caught beneath one!), and how the stones align with the sun and moon, leading to a fascination which continues to this day. Visually Trunk gets it just right – if his narration isn’t exactly from the David Attenborough top drawer of voiceovers. So (druidic) hats off to Mr Trunk; he certainly knows his Stonehenge facts a bit better than some of the Clonehenges we’ve encountered here at Heritage Key.

For those of you of a technical persuasion, just listen to the man himself: “In the case of Stonehenge I had infos about every single stone. Their exact shape, size and position was created first in AutoCad and then transfered into Blender. The landscape came from a land surveyor. I took the file into Autodesk Revit to create the mesh and then up to Blender as usual.” Enjoy.