Zahi Hawass’ a Not-So Secret Voyage through London – Book Signing at Harrods’ Waterstone’s

Dr. Zahi Hawass in KV63 photograph by Sandro VanniniDr. Zahi Hawass is coming to London, to promote the massive – you can take that quite literally – art book ‘A Secret Voyage’ and the more normal-sized – but still stunning, we’re sure – ‘Inside the Egyptian Museum with Zahi Hawass’. To the list of must-attend events is now added a book signing at the most famous Egyptian-owned location in London:Harrods.

Book Signing at Harrods

Invited to London’s most famous departement store by owner Mohamed Al Fayed, the Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities (that’s Dr. Hawass) will sign copies of his new books at Waterstones, Third Floor, on Thursday 10th December – we assume this means you can also bring your copy of The Lost Tombs of Thebes.

A Secret Voyage‘ is a limited-edition – exclusively priced – book from Heritage World Press which chronicles Dr. Hawass adventures as Egypts real-life Indiana Jones and tells his unique story of discovery and exploration. Only 750 copies will be printed, and each one will be signed by the author making it a must-have for collectors with a significant disposable income.

But at Harrod’s, it’s omnia omnibus ubique. Looking for a more moderately priced book to put under your – of course, King Tut themed – christmas tree? Dr Hawass and Sandro Vannini will also be signing copies of ‘Inside the Egyptian Museum‘ (35), which is exclusive to Harrods (and Amazon, at 33.25) in the UK. This guide includes photography from acclaimed – ‘King Tut Treasures’ – photographer Sandro Vannini. (And for your little nephews and nieces there is Egyptian-inspired Lego and/or Playmobil, as far as we know not published by Dr. Hawass. Personally, I predict that this year’s Egyptologist’s-stocking-fillers will be Rosetta Stone mousemats.)

Can’t make it to Harrods the 10th? No worries!You can still attend the reception and special lecture by Dr. Hawass at the British Museum, or even join him and Sandro Vannini for dinner.