Egyptology Idol – Want to be Super and Star next to Dr Zahi?

Zahi Hawass and the mysterious tunnel of King Seti the FirstNow, this must be the dream of every starting archaeologist: no longer hot – or worse, rainy – dig seasons, no more spending ages meticulously noting down every find’s smallest detail and never again being send to locations where they won’t even serve you a decent chilled pint. This is your chance to escape them all, as History Channel is looking for the next Top Archaeologist (or an anthropologist will do too). Regardless if you crawl out of a dig somewhere in Egypt, toss aside those recently finished final papers or want a break away from your students, this is your opportunity to kick-start your media career, guided by the legendary Dr. Zahi Hawass. From the Past Preservers website:


A new television series for the History Channel is seeking an Archaeology or Anthropology Expert/Professor AND several student Archaeology or Anthropology majors or recent graduates! (Please do NOT submit if you are only an enthusiast.)

This expert and the students will be a part of a small team that will travel to several digs in Egypt with the legendary Dr. Zahi Hawass. (If the expert and/or the students have experience in Egyptology even better, but this is not a requirement.)

This series will be the adventure of a lifetime! There is also pay to be negotiated. And the time commitment is roughly October 2009 through February 2010. We understand this may seem like a long time frame for some professionals and students, but it is an opportunity unlike any other!

If this sounds like you, please email Nigel for the auditioning instructions and if you are not currently on the Past Preservers talent database, please send a current CV, including your date of birth, nationality, and mention of any previous experience working in the media, along with a photograph of you, to

Please note if you have applied previously to this appeal, you can reapply and your application will be considered again.

(And yeah, we’re serious. Check out this entry on the Past Preservers’ blog. In case you’re not 100% sure if you’ll make it through the selections, you can always apply for the job of ‘Witch’ at the Wooky Holes as a backup plan. ;;)