Daily Flickr Finds: gh0stdot’s Abu Simbel

Part of the Nubian Monuments, Abu Simbel is an ancient site home to two rock temples in the south of Egypt. A beautiful tribute build by Pharoah Ramesses II to his queen Nefertari, they had the alterior motive of commemorating the Battle of Kadesh, as well as the added bonus of intimidating the neighbours!Nothing like a massive temple or two to show the region who’s boss!

The beauty of this monumental structure is depicted perfectly in gh0stdot’s photograph. Choosing to portray the two ancient statues at an angle which captures them from below, and results in a picture including the sky, the effect is one which shows the great detail that went into these structures. The colour is very rich and glows the stone from which it is made, and the dramatic shading really punctuates this photograph to life.

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