In the Footsteps of Petrie: a Study Day at Glasgow’s Burrell Collection

The Burrell Collection (Glasgow)I will soon be visiting Scotland for a exciting archaeological event. No, it won’t involve traipsing around soggy fields looking for cup and ring marked stones. Instead, I will be finding out about one of Egyptology’s most respected figures, William Flinders Petrie.

In the Footsteps of Petrie is a study day dedicated to the life of Petrie, founder, along with Amelia Edwards, of the Petrie Museum. The event will be held at the exquisite Burrell Collection in Glasgow, and will explore Petries life of excavation and collecting.

A lineup of Egyptologists from across Britain’s museums will offer lectures, a film projection and a roundtable discussion – see the full schedule below.

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Stephen Quirke on Amelia Edwards and The Petrie Museum
Heritage Key enters the Petrie Museum in London to talk to the curator Dr Stephen Quirke, who explains the importance of one of the co-founders of the Egypt Exploration Society – Amelia Edwards.

I am looking forward to all the lectures; I know Prof. Quirke is going to talk about his personal experience with the Petrie archives and artifacts at the museum, maybe some news about the museum new venue and some details about the contents of Petrie’s letters and journals (read Heritage Key’s interview with Prof. Quirke here). Quirke recently spoke at the launch of the exhibition Framing the Archaeologist: Portraits and Excavation, which looked at photographs to examine Petrie’s work in Egypt.

Dr. Manley is going to tell us about the National Museum Scotland’s collection. The museums are undergoing massive redevelopment as part of the Royal Museum Project, with some Egyptian antiquities being sent out on loan, and others remaining in storage until the opening of the refurbished museum in 2011.

I still haven’t met Dr. Eccles but I am sure it will also be very fascinating and interesting to know about the Glasgow Museums’ J. May Buchanan Collection (displayed at The Burrell). A very beautiful collection, my favourite being the bronze figure of a mongoose (Herpestes Ichneumon).

Schedule of Talks

  • 10.30: Dr Stephen Quirke In the Footsteps of Petrie
  • 11.30: Coffee Break
  • 12:00 Dr Bill Manley Bricks at 12: Petrie and the NMS Museums
  • 13:00: Lunch (not provided)
  • 14.30: Simon Eccles – Generosity and tragedy: Professor Flinders Petrie and Glasgow Museums’ J. May Buchanan Collection”
  • 15.30: Returning the Petrie Collection a film by Louis Buckley introduced by Dr Stephen Quirke
  • 16.00: Closing panel roundtable with all of the speakers