Talk to the London Stone Live on Monday Night!

London Stone 02

Ever thought you’d been speaking to a brick wall day? Well now’s your chance to try it out for real, as we hook up with the London Stone on Twitter on Monday for what promises to be the masonry equivalent to Frost vs Nixon. And though you can get a huge dose of the stone’s history in our inaugural Ancient World in London video, this is a web event not to be missed.

Learn all about one of London’s weirdest treasures at 7pm Monday!

As arbiters of ancient info, Heritage Key has managed to bypass the artefact’s hefty entourage for an exclusive chat. And we’ve got no intention of letting up on our subject, poised as we are to give it an even bigger grilling than the City of London did many decades ago – resulting in its relative anonymity today.

But our questions aren’t set in stone – we want you to tell us what we should ask London’s most enigmatic emblem. Maybe you want to know why the stone was ever trapped into its tiny home on Cannon Street? Or whether it minds the Rosetta Stone coming over here and stealing its thunder? Do you think its current predicament should be absolute rock bottom, or could you really not give a stone’s toss compared to the city’s other treasures?

<- Whatever you think, check into this blog at 7pm on Monday for the entire interview.

The London Stone’s damage is said to foretell London’s destruction, so we’re lucky it’s suspended civic duties guarding the city to give us an hour of its time. And the fact the entire interview will be played out on Twitter sums up the connectivity of the Ancient World in London series, running across a glut of online outposts.

So whatever your theory, qualm or query, we want to hear it. We also want you to tell us what you think we should be exploring in London – this is an interactive event after all, you can add to our already burgeoning directory. Let us know by , logging onto our contact page, or by following us on Twitter – it’s always rocking here at Heritage Key (sorry).

We’ve also got a huge number of virtual, real-world and online events happening as part of AWiL:you could blog about the greatest invaders in London’s history and bag yourself some great Thames & Hudson books; join or Valentine contest, or you might want to listen to some authentic Egyptian music, live from King Tut Virtual.

Whatever your ancient bent, we’re covering all bases!