King Arthur Pendragon in First Druid Ceremony at Bluehenge Since its Discovery

The incredible announcement that Stonehenge had a little sister named ‘Bluehenge’ this weekend will have shocked millions – not least the area’s druid community, who for centuries have claimed Stonehenge to be their spiritual home. So it’s no surprise the druidic community officially inaugurated the stone circle this week, which many believe to have been part of a huge funerary network linking its much larger neighbour to the River Avon. The ceremony, Bluehenge’s first since it’s recent rediscovery was performed by three druids including King Arthur Pendragon, stresses the importance of honouring the people who first built Bluehenge, and to continue paying homage to the wisdom which has made the area one of such gravity to all druids.

The three priests enter to the sound of a fast-beating drum. A horn is played twice, and the ceremony begins: The opening words go as follows:

“We are here today to acknowledge the mighty; our ancestors – the people who built beneath our feet, a place so sacred it was used once a year, thousands of years before we can imagine. At a time equivalent to Stonehenge, people would have passed through here; the great ones on their way to acknowledge the turning of the seasons by whatever beliefs they held.”

“We are here today to acknowledge the mighty; our ancestors”

Further honour is given to the ancestors, the past and the sacred circle. The druids pledge to take forth wisdom and honour from the ancient people who ‘founded our nation; they planted the seeds’.

The video also thanks Mike Parker Pearson, the Sheffield University archaeologist under whose guidance Bluehenge has been uncovered. Keep checking in to Heritage Key to hear the latest developments, theories and opinions on Bluehenge – and to get a druid’s perspective on the ground-breaking news. Of course, if you want to get up-close-and-personal with the incredible views and storylines of Stonehenge, take a look at how our very own Stonehenge Virtual is shaping up!