I Bet That Tut Looks Good on the Dancefloor

Lost for moves? Tired of busting out the same old body popping/moonwalk/drunk-uncle-at-a-wedding? You could take your dancing lines from Jacko, Wade Robson or even Michael Flatley (if you don’t mind being alone for the rest of your life). But how about Tutankhamun? The boy-king may be making waves in stateside museums right now, but he’s been influencing the best underground dancers on both sides of the Atlantic for over twenty years with the ‘Tut’ – and I don’t mean Steve Martin’s Saturday Night Live performance. Amateurs be warned: it may take a bit more practice than karaoke night down the local to hone your moves to the standard of this frankly incredible rendition:

According to Wikipedia, the dance craze dates back to the eighties, and uses the wrists, elbows and shoulders to create right angles in an Egyptian style. It took on the name ‘Tutting’, or the ‘King Tut‘ as a reference to the effect of Tutankhamun on western popular culture. Of course, who could forget the late, great Michael Jackson‘s opulent homage to King Tut and the Egyptian empire with his 1992 hit Remember the Time: