Dr. Zahi Needs Your Help!

Dr. Zahi Hawass examines a mummy. Image Copyright - Sandro VanniniZahi Hawass has arguably given more than anyone to the field of Egyptology – but now he needs your help, as he aims to raise $2 million to employ the world’s best Egyptologist as professor at Cairo’s American University. The esteemed archaeologist has been Secretary General of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) for over seven years, and has dedicated most of his adult life to the wonders and mysteries of the ancient civilization. Now he wants to pass the baton to Egypt’s younger generation in style: I always say that to like something is not enough, to love something is not enough, Dr Hawass says on his official website. You need to give your passion, and you need to give it all. I have given all my passion to Egyptology. And now I need your passion, to add to mine.

So far Dr Hawass has raised $200,000 of the total, leaving $1,800,000 to be given so that future students in Cairo can get the best head start in their Egyptology careers. Maybe one of these students will have my passion, jokes the doctor.

“I have given all my passion to Egyptology. And now I need your passion, to add to mine.” Zahi Hawass

Throughout his distinguished career, Zahi Hawass has constantly been making groundbreaking discoveries in his beloved home nation. He has unearthed the Valley of the Golden Mummies, the Osiris Shaft at Giza, and a new cemetary at Saqqara, and has identified the mummies of Hatshepsut and the family of King Tut using cutting-edge technology. Dr Hawass‘ work has never stopped: he is still searching for the elusive KV64 tomb at the Valley of the Kings, and is unravelling the legend of the Great Pyramid‘s ‘doors’. The doctor’s love for the ancient Egyptian empire has seen him visit all four corners of the globe, visiting and lecturing curators, dignitaries and fans alike – as well as entertaining Heritage Key’s own Keith Payne this week. Dr Hawass even met US President Barack Obama earlier this year for a trip round the pyramids.

For your donation to be tax deductible, Dr Hawass asks you to give fifty dollars or more – and if you donate to the Zahi Hawass Chair of Egyptology you will see your name listed on his website. Click here to visit the AUC website and make your donation, and select the ‘Zahi Hawass Fund in Egyptology’ toward the bottom of the page, under the section Direct Gift to one or more of the following funds. Dr Hawass will be eternally grateful for your donations.