Bettany Hughes to Play for Greece in Live Remake of Monty Python Philosophers’ Football Match Sketch

A key new signing has been made in the lead-up to the biggest sporting event of the year for philosophers: historian Bettany Hughes has joined Greek team Socrates Wanderers in a shock late move in the Philosophers’ Football Match 2010. Hughes, who has appeared in shows such Alexandria: The Greatest Cityand The Spartans joins a star-studded line-up for the show-off that includes comedians Mark Steel, Tony Hawks and Ariane Sharine.

They’ll be facing off against a German side, Nietzsche Albion, featuring philosopher Julian Baggini, journalist Mark Vernon and funnyman Arthur Smith (missing his usual vets game for the occasion), as the two teams replicate Monty Python’s famous ‘Philosophers’ Football Match‘ sketch. The game is being held at Harry Abrahams Stadium in north London on May 9th at 3pm. It is being held to raise awareness for the Philosophy Shop, which aims to introduce more reasoning skills to children.

Epicurus will test the German back four with his never-ending runs

Time will tell whether the move comes off – or if time exists at all – but the Greek side, aka Socrates Wanderers, have an experienced head at the helm in the turnipesque shape of ex-England honcho Graham Taylor. Taylor will be banking on Hughes’ knowledge of classical battle formations in a team relying heavily on creativity, and will hope to send his opposite number, philosopher A.C. Grayling, into an existential rage. Either that or Hughes can put in some shocking challenges on German star striker Nietzsche.

Though it promises to be a close-fought contest, this blogger’s money’s on the Greeks with Archimedes’ spinning free-kicks and Plato’s penchant for fair play (read about his Atlantis legend here). Epicurus will test the German back four with his never-ending runs, though Wittgenstein’s analytical play can unlock any defence on its day.

The Philosophers’ Football Match takes place Sunday 9th May in London. Advance tickets are on sale for 10 and just 1 for under-14s from the official website.