AWiL Video Series: Visit to the London Stone

The Ancient World in London is in full swing: we’ve got events, competitions, quests, articles and interviews going up by the day, packing your lucky brains with fascinating info and exciting adventures. And hot on the heels of all this is the Ancient World in London video series, the first episode of which you can see right here, right now.

Each video will feature amazing places, strange artefacts and intriguing experts – as we take our three intrepid explorers on no fewer than 25 adventures in and around the capital. We’ll be meeting mysterious druid priests, famous historians and avid enthusiasts as they take us round places well known and long forgotten.

Our first video shows how we hand-picked our adventurers online, and how we began exploring the ancient world in London. We wanted to begin at the point most people encounter history in the capital: the British Museum. But while Jamie and Nicole’s trip was exciting, they were itching to get out and see the parts of London no-one tells you about in school. What better place to take our intrepid trio, then, than the London Stone – a seemingly uninspiring lump of limestone whose history has been entwined in the city since Roman times.

Our adventurers explored the mysterious London Stone

Trapped into a rusty grate on one of London’s busiest streets, it took a while for our adventurers to get to grips with the stone. Nicole and Natalie were unimpressed with its murky surroundings. Yet all three could see its appeal; its mystique and legend. How about comparing it to the Rosetta Stone, asked Jamie? By sunset all three were ready for their next adventure – and so were we – but it would have to wait another day.

We know how great these videos are going to be, so sit tight and get stuck into the Ancient World in London while you wait for our next big discoveries – you’ll find there’s an entire ancient world waiting to be explored…

HD Video: Episode 1:The London Stone

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