Map Game: Seven Ancient Wonders of the World

In my ever-long quest to be innovative and interactive with how Heritage Key presents information, I thought I’d take a moment out to have a little fun and games! So using mapping software from umapper,I’ve devised a little map quiz. Here’s how it works – you’re presented with a map and asked to find a location (which appears at the top of the screen). You then use your mouse cursor and click where you think that particular location is on the map.

Simple, huh? Not exactly, as I’m using a physical map. So there’s no country borders or landmarks to guide you along the way.. I’m mean like that. Also, there’s a time limit, and the faster you find the landmark, the more points you get – so you have to be accurate ANDquick!

This week’s map game is
the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World
so have a go, and lets see who comes out on top!

The game works best in full screen mode, so click the button in the top right corner to be able to see the whole map.

Just in case you need a reminder, have a look at the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World on Heritage Key: