Daily Flickr Finds: jagudo’s Foro Romano

The Foro Romano is a stunning relic of Roman architecture that remains in Rome, and is beautifully captured on High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging film by jaqudo who uses the technique to capture the details and perfect the shading in the photograph. Combined with an angle which accentuates the lines and structure of this iconic piece of Roman history.

The Roman Forum was the home of the Senate and venue to large public meetings, and was located in the centre of Rome and thus the heart of the Roman Empire. It was here where the economic, political and judicial systems were based.

Several temples, basilicas and arches were built in the Roman Forum, and the relics which remain today serve as one of the few remaining structures that survive in the city today.

The beautiful lighting and the vibrancy of the vegetation in jaqudo’s photograph shows the true beauty of the Roman Forum, as well as the architectural styles of the era.