Toronto G20 Summit: Terracotta Warriors to Guard ROM

Its confirmed the Terracotta Warriors show will be opening on June 26at the RoyalOntario Museum, inToronto rightat the startof a G20 summit.

It will be the largest Terracotta Warriors show ever to hit North America. Featuring 250 artefacts, including 16 human terracotta figures.

While the Terracotta Warriors show will be opening many other venues will be closing.

The CN Tower will be closed, the University of Toronto campus (which surrounds the museum) will be shut down and even the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team have moved their weekend home games to Philadelphia. A security cordon will also be in place around the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, preventing visitors from accessing much of the downtown area.

Making matters more interesting is that the official protest site, for the G20, will be at Queens Park, about 100 meters south of the museum. Protest groups say they will not remain in that zone.

But, nevertheless, the museum just released a statement saying that the show shall go on.

The ROM will be open for business as usual during this period and is looking forward to a successful exhibition launch,” the statement reads. The museumdeclined to comment on what extra security precautions willbe inplace.

Terracotta Army Stays Until 2011

One other piece of news regarding the warriors – and one which is definitely in the good news category – is that the warriors will be staying in Toronto until the New Year. January 2, 2011 is now confirmed as the exhibition’s closing date, said senior publicist Marilynne Friedman in an email. I’m so pleased that we have it through the holiday season!