Interactive Cahokia

The city of Cahokia is the latest ancient site to go virtual, thanks to a reconstruction and online map published.

Ancient Cahokia was a Mississippian city that flourished between 1000 -1400 AD. At its peak, in the early 13th century, it had a population between 10,000 and 20,000and covered nearly six square miles. This makes it larger than London ca. 1250 AD.

It had about 120 mounds during this time, some used for burial, others for religious purposes. It also had palisades, communal plazas, houses and fields full of crops.

The Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site, has an interesting online tool that let you explore it virtually. Theyve created an online map that shows you the site. You can click on an architectural feature to get a detailed explanation of what it is and what it was used for, along with pictures.They havent got details for the whole city yet, and youll notice that some of the mounds further out from the core dont have a text entry.

Still, if you cant get out to Cahokia, it gives you a good sense of what the site looked like.

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