Stonehenge: Reloaded

A Flint Michigan ex-construction worker with too much time on his hands has solved a 5,000 year old conundrum by proving how it was possible for Neolithic man to erect with nowt but his bare hands, gravity and a lot of patience Stonehenge. Well, sort of.

The appropriately named Wally Wallington, who apparently has a passion for moving heavy items, is presently building his very own replica of the legendary standing stones in his back yard. Hes doing it using a variety of elementary techniques that he believes prove Stonehenge could have been built in far less time than modern experts estimate the most drastic figures being as high as 20 million man hours (not counting the 40 million hours presumably taken in tea breaks).

In this video he demonstrates some of these techniques, such as rolling, spinning and tipping big stones. He finishes with the ultimate party piece standing a block the weight of two bulldozers on end, in front of an assembled crowd, using a humble garden hose.

Definitely dont try this at home, kids.