The Mysterious Adventures of MacMummy – Birth, Burton Style

MacMummy - Birth (Harry Burton Style)Should you start panicking when your colleague donates you the mummies that their kids are too grown-up for to play with? Of course not! (or so I kid myself.) Thanks to Meral I now am the proud owner of my first ever mummy, which we named ‘MacMummy’ because of his provenance (and utter failure to decipher the hieroglyphs on his coffin).

I managed to capture him in this shot early this morning, when MacMummy was just waking up to the smell of freshly made coffee in a setting that strangely resembles KV62, albeit it a little out of scale (The Royal Tombs of Egypt, Chaper 7, fold-out). He told us that when he grows* up (it is a he, we’ve found some bits we first thought lost lying around in his little plastic coffin) he wants to be just as famous as King Tut, so it made sense to capture his first proud moments of fame Harry Burton-style. For those of you who wish to make a more thorough acquaintance with our new office mummy, find his complete (almost, could use some help with some of the categories) object identification below.

Artefact number:HK00002**
Type:human remains
Provenance:McDonalds***, London, 2010 (The sarcophagus has an inscription referencing Vietnam.)
Discovered by:Meral Crifasi
On display at:Ann’s desk (serious loan requests can be sent using the contact form go in the )
Dynasty: … (any suggestions?)
Materials:Plastic. The coffin mechanism might be iron, but we can not confirm this without a CTscan.
Condition:Mint (does that description work for mummies too?)
Notes:comes with dog (strangely, non-mummified) and interactive sarcophagus

*Ididn’t find the courage yet to break the news that there’s only hope for shrinkage, not growth.
**HK00001 is the mammoth-skeleton I still need to assemble. Remind me, please!
***See, it’s not that difficult to find the ancient world in London! 😉

Want to make your own Burton-inspired photographs, but don’t own a mummy or pretty painted tomb walls? Try taking some snapshots of your adventures in King Tut Virtual, and submit them to our Flickr Pool to win 100$. Captured some Griffins? Those magical creatures might just win you a book from Thames and Hudson. Just check this photography contest out.