Mummy Frenzy with Joyce Filer – Forensic Aspects of Ancient Egypt… and King Tut!

Mummy Forensics - DIY KitGreat news for anybody* who missed out on the previous ‘Mummy CSI’ study days with Joyce Filer, as there is another one coming up. A bonus – on top of the normal forensic aspects of ancient Egypt schedule – is an entire day dedicated to the remains of King Tut and the results of the recently published Tutankhamun DNAstudy.

The findings from the King Tut study have been widely covered and debated since they were published (some interesting responses on the lineage results on Kate Phizackerley’s and Dylan Bickerstaffe’s blogs, and discussion of Tut’s foot on Em Hotep!) but if you want it all explained in real time, with the chance to ask questions – and without Dr Hawass staring – you must attend Joyce Filer’s ‘Tut-Ankh-Amun’ Study Day on May 29th. “All?” you say? In the space of six hours (with a break for afternoon refreshments) you’ll find out which medical conditions King Tutankhamun suffered from, what tests were used in the research and which of his family members have been identified. Of course, there’s room to debate the latter, as well as King Tut’s possible causes of death.

Too much Tut? You can also learn about the latest advances in ‘mummy forensics’ in general and test your own ‘operation’ skills if you attend ‘Forensic Aspects of Ancient Egypt’ on the 19th of June. Hot items on the mummy-menu include:how to identify the age at death and gender of a mummy or skeleton, the fascinating practice of facial reconstructions, and identifying diseases in Egyptian mummies, amongst details of other scientific techniques.

If you want to be well prepared (or at least as prepared as I am) for those two study days, try to track down the complete JAMAarticle and read up on King Tut’s medical history. And just to make sure, do check whether or not you’ll faint upon seeing a ‘live’ mummy. They aren’t all as cute as the Hammer ones. 😉

* Especially for me. I swear on my mummy – may he cut the power (again) if I don’t attend – we’ll be present.