‘The Curse’ by Josh Ritter – A Mummy & Archaeologist Love Story

Still from 'The Curse' music video by Josh RitterWhen you see Dr Bob Brier lecturing about mummies, there is no doubt he’s passionate about them. The same goes for Dr Salima Ikram and all kinds of animal mummies (watch the video). But actual love between an archaeologist and a mummy?

That’s something reserved solely for B-movies, until now: Musician Josh Ritter chronicles the love between an archaeologist and a mummy she discovers in Egypt, on new album ‘So Runs the World Away’.

Aptly named ‘the Curse’, the song is accompanied by an enchanting puppet music video.

When they are on their way from Egypt to New York by ship:The days quickly pass, he loves making her laugh. The first time he moves, it is her hair that he touches. She asks: Are you cursed? He says: I think I am cured. *blinks away a tear*

Hat tip to ancientdigger.com for bringing this romantic song with quite bizarre lyrics to my attention. He points us to this ‘behind the scenes’ / making-of, for more information on the music video from drummer Liam Hurley, who created this little masterpiece.

This definitely means changes in my Top 5 vaguely related to ‘Ancient History’ funny songs. The new (way-too) short list is:

  1. King Tut by Steve Martin
  2. The Curse by Josh Ritter
  3. Awful Egyptians from Horrible Histories
  4. The Anthropology Song by Dai Cooper
  5. Rubber Ducky by Bert and Ernie (OK, technically not about Egypt or Mummies, but performed while exploring a pyramid and scared of a mummy.)

My favourite Heritage Key-related song is still ‘Nine to Five’ from our dearly beloved, of course! 😉 – server tecchie and rock star Foolish.