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Bookstacks meets at Stonehenge Virtual for Book Discussions

Bookstacks a long time book club that meets in Second Life for regular meet ups to discuss everything from books to movies. Bookstack is a place for people who like books where they can meet other likeminded people and get together and share thoughts about books. Originally founded by Simeon Beresford in the spring of 2007, Kghia Gherardi was recruited shortly thereafter to help with events. Bookstacks currently has 500 members and an additional 100+ notification subscribers. Bookstacks is s collaborative effort and now they are expanding their community into Heritage Key.

At Heritage Key we are organising many different events for our visitors from virtual skills work shops, charity gigs to live music events . Book Discussions will expand even more and we will let you know more about the coming events or you can follow the future events here .

We are going to hold a book discussion at Stonehenge on April 10 at 7pm London Time.For this special first time event we will organise trivia questions and well give away a book of their choice from the currentThames & Hudson catalogue to the winner .

Bookstacks first discussion will focus on Books to Films we will be talking about To Kill a Mockingbird to Blade Runner. also discussing the future masterpieces as the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies movie that is in the works. Don’t forget about the our book prize and lots of fun surronded by the beauty of Stonehenge solstice.

See you there!

Tonight in London! Win Prizes at our Ancient London Pub Quiz

The Red Lion Pub near Pall Mall. Image Credit - Steve Cadman.The promise of the four-day-long weekend and the neverending silly April Fools’ Day jokes have got us all in a relaxed happy mood, and wondering what’s on in London to entertain us. What better way to kick of the Easter weekend than with a pub quiz down the local? We would love you to join us at the Red Lion pub tonight for a fun quiz that’s all about London.

If you are interested in London history and archaeology, know some important facts about London or just simply want to learn a bit more and have a couple pints with the Heritage Key Crew then head over to the Red Lion this evening after work. The quiz kicks of 7pm sharp, until 9pm, at 23 Crown Passage, London.

There are hundreds if not thousands of back street pubs tucked away in London and the pub quiz is an English tradition! The Red Lion is close to St James and Pall Mall (nearest tube station is Green Park), but far enough off the beaten track to feel like a local, and it’s on one of the cutest alleys.

We’ve got some great prizes lined up for the winner in tonight’s pub quiz. Theres are meals for two at old-style traditional pub the other Red Lion in Duke of York St, and at the trendy Balls of Brothers in St James Street, as well as free entry for a winner plus guest for any event in the month of April or May at comedy club The Good Ship in Kilburn High Road. Plus more surprise prizes throughout the night.

Click here for more info and a venue map.

Get ‘The Knowledge’

If you want to get one step ahead of the competition, you can start swotting up on your London knowledge on our Ancient World in London site.

The Guards outside St James' Palace near the Red Lion Pub in London. Image Credit - Wally Gobetz.

Here are some sample fun True and False questions. Of course, we’re not giving you the right answer just yet, but here is one clue : One of the following statements is true and the other is false. Good luck!

  • You can be arrested for driving to the Savoy Hotel on the left-hand side of the road.
  • The Gothic hands of Big Ben’s clock will be tipped with giant rubber balls next year, amid cleaners’ health and safety fears.

Think you know the answer? Find out tonight if you’re right.

TheAncient World in Londonis Heritage Keys groundbreaking three-month-long interactive online and offline event, introducing HD video, virtual worlds, competitions and live events. It is sponsored exclusively byAddison Lee, London’s largest minicab service. Ancient World in London gives you the opportunity to participate in challenges, competitions, quizzes, quests and discussions online, in the streets of London, and immersed in our breathtaking 3D virtual areas. You can also follow our video series, in which our intrepid explorers set out to discover how the ancient world has made London what it is today. Throughout the series, there are opportunities to win prizes, and points towards qualification for the grand prize – a holiday for two in Turkey, courtesy of TravelMate.

Make sure to stay tuned for the next event – we have a special grand finale coming up soon!

Boudicca Spotted in London Photo Contest

London is home to a massive bronze statue of the legendary Queen Boudicca in her chariot, which was proudly erected in the Victorian era. Leading her chariot into battle, Boudicca or Boudica, or Boadicea, as shes sometimes known looks capable of grabbing any victory for the city.

But rather than London’s fierce defender, Boudicca was actually its enemy. This competition invites you to discover this controversial statue in London, and win points and prizes for sending us your photographs of the warrior queen.

The statue was made by the English artist Thomas Thornycroft from 1856 until 1885, and wasnt erected in its current position until 1902. But where is it?

How to Play

  • Spot the glorious statue of Boudicca in London
  • Take a photo of it
  • Upload your photo to our Ancient World In London Flickr Group, and tag it with ‘Boudicca’
  • Or simply take a photo of it with your camera and tweet it to @Heritagekey with #boudicca

Date and Time:March 9, 2010 till March 29, 2010, midnight

Points to be earned: 10 points per photo

Prize: An Ancient History Book of your choice from Thames & Hudson (here are some of our favourites)

Rules: We assume that you’ve read and agreed to our competition rules

More Things to Do and View

Our video crew will be filming the modern Boudicca in London! Keep an eye on Ancient World in London what are we preparing for you next in our Ancient World In London Video Series.

Also the Ancient World in London Spotted Photo Contest winner has now been announced – you can read more about the winner and the photo here.

The deadline is approaching for the Bloggers Challenge too. Tell us your favourite London artefact and win monster points and prizes.

Remember, you need 1066 points to be in with a chance of winning the grand prize – an amazing holiday for two near the ancient rock tombs of Dalyan in Turkey, courtesy of our Sponsor Holiday Mate.

Winner Announced! Ancient World Spotted Photography Contest

Photographers – thank you for getting your cameras out in support of our photography competition ‘Ancient Spotted Photo Contest‘.

There were a lot of really great photos submitted, and it has been incredibly hard to choose a winner. But after a lot of consideration we have decided on the winner of the first photo competition of the Ancient World in London series of quests.

We are delighted to announce that the winner of Ancient World Spotted is David Merrigan, for his photo of London’s Sphinx. There are actually two of these Sphinxes, set either side of Cleopatra’s Needle in Westminster, and together are amongst the iconic ancient world sights of the city. We particularly love the amazing quality of light in David’s image.

David has a great eye for a picture, and a strong interest in London. If you look through his Flickr Stream you can see his takes on several other London landmarks. He is a Londoner himself, and obviously knows his city well. David will choose his prize from the selection of Ancient History Books from Thames & Hudson (see our pick of the current catalogue here). Well done David!

More Chances to Win!

David may have scooped the first Ancient World inLondon photography prize, but the opportunities to win do not stop here. Help Recreate the British Museum is currently running and finishing in couple of weeks, so make sure you get your entry in soon.

Remember, you need 1066 points to be in with a chance of winning the grand prize – an amazing holiday for two near the ancient rock tombs of Dalyan in Turkey

Rest assured there will be more of these photo contests to be announced over the coming weeks. Keep visiting our Things To Do Page on the Ancient World inLondon microsite for all the new and on-going events, quests, and contests. Remember, you need 1066 points to be in with a chance of winning the grand prize – an amazing holiday for two near the ancient rock tombs of Dalyan in Turkey.

Through these photo contests we invite Londoners and tourists from around the world – as well as the online community – to take a close look at the wonderful ancient artefacts that make up our history in London. There is so much to learn about and see in London, both inside museums and at sites scattered across the city.

Places that may look like nothing but ruins could actually be our links back to moments in time that have shaped our world and lives today. You probably pass by many ruins in your day-to-day life in the city without realising their incredible histories. But these places become part of your daily life, and this is your chance to get to know them better.

We would like to thank all the participants in this first Spotted contest. Here are some of your great snaps from all over London:

SLIDESHOW: Ancient World Spotted Photo Contest

Book Your Virtual Romantic Dinner at Stonehenge

Are you one of the romantic ones who adores red roses, champaigne and celebrates Valentines Day by doing something quite extraordinary? Here is a chance for you to do something absolutely stunning… and freeand really it doesn’t need to be Valentine’s Day for a real romantic. Take your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or partner somewhere truly special this year – Stonehenge Virtual.

Stonehenge is one of the most amazing, and spiritual, ancient sites in the world, and a fantastic venue for fine dining – William Stukely famously ate out on top of a lintel stone in 1723. Since then, it’s become a little more tricky. The stones are protected and one can not get too close to them.

But for one special night only in Stonehenge Virtual you can have a private candle-lit virtual dinner with your loved one with live music (for more ideas of how to spend your time at the stones read this top 10).

To be in with a chance of winning this free meal at an awesome romantic location, all you need to do is to register on our site and create an avatar, then email us, writing ‘Virtual Romantic Dinner’ in the subject line, to let us know that you’d like to be considered for this prize. We will select two winners randomly from the entries.

So, here’s what you need to do. First, make sure you’ve registered at Heritage Key. Once you’ve registered, please create your avatar at Virtual Heritage Key. You can customise your avatar if you like – read some of the Avatar Customisation Tips Here. Before you start you might like to learn some avatar skills – watch these short tutorials to avoid embarrassing yourself on your big date.

Date and Time: You setthe day and the time we will bring in the necessary to make it a romantic dinner for both of you.

Ancient World in London Grand Prize: Win a One Week Holiday in Lycian Turkey

The Hotel Dalyan is the perfect place to chill out and congratulate yourself on winning this awesome competition. Image - and hotel! - courtesy of HolidayMateWe have partnered with Turkey holiday specialist HolidayMate to offer you a grand prize – a week’s holiday for two in Turkey. One lucky competition participant will win the prize at the end of our 12 week Ancient World in London series. For those of you suffering the grey London weather, here are some details to mull over:

The prize is a breathtaking holiday for 2 people for 7 nights on the sunny shores of Dalaman, Turkey. The lucky winners will be treated to 4 star bed and breakfast accommodation at Green Anatolia Hotel, Fethiye – Ovacik. All flights from the UK to Dalaman are included, along with airport transfers. Your stay will also cover a two day tour of Lycian sites around Dalyan.

Prize courtesy of HolidayMate.Dalyan is a small historical fishing village, and a treasure trove for ancient world explorers.Lycian rock tombs, carved over 2000 years ago, overlook the village. If you follow the steep slope just opposite the town of Dalyan, you can reach these incredible tombs, which are the best examples of such tombs on the Lycian coast. The Kaunos Rock Tombs are the resting place of the kings of Kaunos. The incredible ruins of the city of Kaunos (or Caunos) – the site of a recent archeaological project – are only one kilometre away from Dalyan, and well worth the trip. Ancient Lycia was the playground of Antony and Cleopatra, making it a fascinating and romantic location for a holiday.

I Want That Prize! How do I Win?

Rock-carved tombs at Kaunos

The winner will be announced at a special grand finale event which will take place in London on 24th April (more details to be confirmed). To be in with a chance of winning this prize, you need to get yourself along to this great event.

Only those of you with 1066 or more Ancient World in London points will be on the guest list for this prize-busting party, so if you want to be in with a chance we invite you to start earning points now! Join in the action by taking part in our Ancient World in London contests and quests, suggesting sites and artefacts for our directory, and taking part in our challenges. Read our tips for ramping up your points here.

This amazing holiday isn’t the only prize up for grabs. There are plenty of opportunities to win books, glory and serious web-cred throughout our Ancient World inLondon series. Heritage Key presents the Ancient World in London as a full-on mash-up of web, video and virtual content. Join in the action in real-time or at your convenience. Along with all the rich media content you would expect these days online, we also have some new things like our virtual experiences in Stonehenge and King Tut’s tomb to make this unique. So make your own 3D, online avatar and get into the action.

Before you launch yourself headlong into your quest for 1066 points, make sure you’ve read our competition rules.

Virtual Quest Series Starts Here

Virtual Explorer Mission One Week One:

Dates: February 8, 2010 Monday until Sunday February 14, 2010 midnight.

Total Points : 30 max points can be earned

This is the first part of the Virtual Quest Series, so this week we would like to focus on getting you signed up and acclimatised to Heritage Key’s virtual environments. Once you’ve accomplished this week’s quest you will be ready to immerse yourself in the ancient world, start exploring new experiences, and challenge yourself to more quests.

The good news is, you have already registered and earned your 47 points, so you are well on your way. Great!

Now, here are the list of challenges for this week’s Virtual Quest:

* Download the viewer
* Create your avatar
* Customize your avatar
* Find Valley of The Kings Valley of the Kings and Pick up your Axe as seen on the photo
* Take a photo of your avatar in Valley of the Kings with the Axe
* Upload your photo to Heritage Key’s Ancient World in London Flickr group and/or tweet it using the hashtag: #heritagekey

There are many reasons to go virtual – see here for a just a few of them. Once you’ve arrived at King Tut Virtual the first thing to do is customise your avatar. Once you’ve created your look you can then start enjoying the authentic ancient Egyptian experience that we have created for you. You can play mini-games, explore the treasures of Tutankhamun up close, and even take photos of your avatar and of the places you have visited.

It is quite possible to take wonderful photographs in the virtual world – just take a look at these incredible shots submitted as part of our photography competition. Here is a simple tutorial to get you started in virtual photography.

You have until midnight on February 14 to send us your photo as proof that you’ve completed this first quest.

See you all next week with more fun and challenges!

Ancient World in London Competition Series Start : Ancient World in London Spotted

Ancient World in London will inspire locals and virtual visitors around the world to make their own discoveries of the old Londinium. This exciting new project will run for 12 weeks, and feature rich content, live events, competitions and quests – both in London itself and in Heritage Key’s virtual experiences. Each week participators will be offered chances to earn points and win tickets to the grand finale event where special travel prizes will be given away.

12 weeks of fun, exploring, competitions and events start On February 12 Tuesday and ends with the Grand Finale on April 24th

It’s easy to participate and it all starts by simply registering to our website. Start now by registering here at Heritage Key.

Once you’ve registered with Heritage Key you will automatically start earning points. In fact, we will give you 47 points up front – just for signing up. If you are already registered, don’t worry – you are already part of the team and you will automatically earn your starting points right away.

  • Each contest , quest event you will get a chance to earn points
  • We will also have other ways to win points such leaving comments, inviting a friend , Read more to learn about earning points here
  • We will add these points to your registered account so you can see how many points you have got
  • At the end of 12 weeks if you have 1066 points and more you will be eligible for the Grand Finale where you will earn more points during the event to be chosen as the winner of the Ancient Worlds in London and win the grand prize which will be announced soon.
  • Each week we will announce the events, competitions and quests for that week along with the points you can earn. Remember though you can still get involved in different ways.
  • If you have heard about it late no worries you can still enter . During the 12 weeks period you will have more then enough time to catch up with 1066 points.
  • While participating in this great event please respect the rules , all entries will be moderated and no spam will be tolerated. You can read about the Competition Rules here.

You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and we would encourage you to join our Ancient World in London Flickr group as many competitions ask you to post photos there.

Photo Contest: Ancient World in London Spotted

Something Old - Something New

The first week we start off with our Ancient World in London Spottedphoto contest. You can participate in this competition by simply taking photos of ancient sights that are in and around London.

You don’t need to have the full professional gear – photos can be taken by any camera, even your iPhone.

How to Play:

Your photo should include an ancient site or artefact in London, and should be clearly titled with the location and the name of the piece. Once you’re happy with your photo you can upload it to our Ancient World in London Flickr group, or tweet it, using the hashtag #heritagekey (remember to include the name and location in your tweet).

You can upload as many photos as you like: the more photos you upload or tweet the more points you get. Each photo will give you 10 points.

During the event we will choose some of those photos and share them on our Facebook group. At the end of the week the winner will be awarded bonus points and the envy of heritage photographers everywhere!

The competition does not stop here. Each week we will announce more chances to participate and earn points in the leadup to the Grand Finale. We would encourage you to enter our Virtual World and get faster to the top marks.

Please follow us daily we have loads coming up.

King Tut Virtual Contest Winners

King Tut Virtual Photo Contest attracted almost 200 wonderful photos of Kig Tut Virtual. Taking good, quality, high-resolution photographs anywhere in the metaverse takes quite a bit of time, effort and creative genius, so now we have chosen the winners which receive 100$ for the most fabulous high resolution shots taken in King Tut Virtual.

Loki Popinjay, a well known metaverse photographer had so many breath taking photos that we had seriously hard time to figure out which one to be the winner. The artefacts in King Tut Virtual are very real life like and still Loki has captured the beauty of the virtual reality in the most amazing ways. The quality of his photography is in very high level.

This is the second pick from his entries . He captured the landscape by the Nile area where you can see the Amarna house in the background. The reflection of the boat on the Nile is so beautiful and the whole feeling of the landscape is very dreamy.

The second place is for the Virtual Traveller. I would like to share Virtual Traveller’s words on the experience Here I am sitting at Howard Carter’s worktable listening to a wonderful audio guide explaining the discovery of the tomb. I am really quite strong as avatars go, therefore completely able to carry that pick axe under my arm with ease. There are still places here that we haven’t yet travelled. Watch for more pictures on our return trip to this amazing place, Heritage Key: King Tut Virtual.

The third place is our wonderful Museum Guide Lady with her Torch leading the way. We just love this photo.

Once again, I would like to thank all the participants on this Photo Contest and congratulate the three winners. We have great news in a week we will start our Ancient Worlds in London series where we will have many photo contests.So follow us on Heritage Key.

King Tut Virtual Photography Contest Extended

Virtual Photography can be very stunning as you can see in the slide show above. Our Flickr Contest has a pool of some top notch photography so far and I have received great interest to extend the deadline to accommodate some late participants. We have decided to extend the submission deadline to 14th of December Monday midnight. We will then announce the winners on Friday the 18th of December. In the mean time if you would like some tricks on photography here is a nice blog in Virtual Photography From Graecyn you can find more tutorials in our Rezzable website also.

The Rules of the King Tut Virtual Flickr Contest

We want to see your best high resolution photos taken in King Tut Virtual, and will reward the most sublime shots with non-virtual cash. King Tut Virtual is part of the Heritage Key Grid – running on OpenSim with some extra magic added to it – and shows ancient Egypt, the Valley of the Kings and the treasures from Tutankhamun’s tomb. It is easy to register and have a look at what we have created, an area well worth of ‘snapshotting’.

Taking good, quality, high-resolution photographs anywhere in the metaverse takes quite a bit of time, effort and creative genius, so we are offering 100$ for the most fabulous high resolution shots taken in King Tut Virtual. Here are the rules:

* Your image needs to be at minimum 2000 by 3000 pixels. (Or 3000x2000px.) This means good enough for print.
* It needs to be submitted to the Heritage Key Virtual Flickr Group, and tagged ‘HKVX’.
* You must label each picture with your avatar name.
* Your photographs need to be submitted before Dec 4 2009.
* You can submit as many photographs as you want.

* The three winners get 100$ each.
* By participating in this contest the participants agree to put the winning photographs (at least 2000x3000px) up on Flickr under a Creative Commons Attribution license*, as well as on the Heritage Key & Rezzable Blog (under the same license).

You are allowed as many as entries you like, but please keep your clothes on. We’ll be featuring great shots as they come in on the Rezzable blog which is syndicated on several feeds.

Some tips:

* We like to see avatars exploring !
* What in King Tut Virtual would you show to your friends?
* What’s real in a virtual world?

Go to now to register your avatar and get started snapshotting!Any questions or assistance needed? Contact LokumShilova/Meral Crifasi or leave a comment here.

**For people in doubt: The Creative Commons Attribution license means that you keep the copyright to your images, but allow everybody to use the photograph for non-commercial as well as commercial use, as long as they supply attribution – credit you as the photographer.
GO Virtual and log in to Heritage Key at

The link to our Flickr group is Heritage Key Virtual