Youths Arrested over Amesbury Summer Solstice Bus Joyride

The youths left a trail of damage across Amesbury after a 12 mile joyride.A troublemaking trio have filmed a trail of destruction, as they stole a double-decker bus and crashed it causing 30,000 damage in the Stonehenge town of Amesbury. The three, two 16-year-old girls and a man, 21, have been arrested and released on bail after shooting ‘stolen bus solstice 2010 hoodies amesbury (sic)’ which they posted to YouTube.

The video has proved an instant hit on the site, registering almost 50,000 views. Yet it won’t be much use to the owners of two parked cars and three buses the yobs wrecked, on their Mad Max-style rampage through the Wiltshire town, just two miles from Stonehenge, on Friday 18 June.

The reckless group ploughed the bus out of a depot before embarking on their terrifying trip, weaving across roundabouts and dodging cars before hitting two, spinning 90 degrees and coming to a halt 40 yards down the road. Wiltshire and Dorset bus company tells British tabloid The Sun the incident was a foolish crime.

It was a sour note for Amesbury during a week in which its ancient neighbour Stonehenge welcomed over 20,000 revellers for its famous solstice celebrations, passing with little incident (read a report here). The event is a tradition for Druids, pagans and partygoers who come from all over the world, on one of only four days a year you can touch the stones (watch a video from this year’s spring equinox here). If you missed it, you can see the sun rise over Stonehenge every day at Stonehenge Virtual.