A Tastier Terracotta Warrior at China’s Chocolate Museum

Terracotta Warriors

Ever seen the Terracotta Warriors? Did you feel a bit peckish when you saw them; couldn’t help thinking the First Emperor’s Mausoleum would be made so much better if you could take a bite out of each handcrafted treasure? If the answer’s yes to both these questions – and I truly hope it’s not – you may want to book a flight to the Chinese capital next year: Beijing officials have announced plans to build the ‘World Chocolate Dream Park’, a Willy Wonka-style attraction aimed at the Chinese people‘s love of, well, chocolate.

The full-size tasty Terracotta Warriors will be one of the theme park’s main attractions, alongside a chocolate Great Wall and a number of famous Chinese artworks. “Our ‘chocolate wonderland’ will be beyond the imagination,” gushes Tina Cheng, general manager of the company running the park. China is one of few countries lacking in love for chocolate. But the park’s creators hope that bringing the food to life through some of the country’s most iconic treasures will help its citizens develop sweet teeth soon.

“There is the potential for a huge market in China with regards to chocolate consumption,” adds a clearly health-obsessed Cheng. “That’s why many overseas chocolate producers are vying to join our project.” The park will be housed on Beijing’s Olympic Green, alongside the famous Bird’s Nest Stadium and Water Cube aquatics centre which hosted last year’s epic olympiad. Will London‘s chiefs look to similar ideas when 2012 is over? Could we see a Stonehenge made of Toffee Crisp? Or maybe a Skittles Skara Brae?