The Sun Rises on Stonehenge Virtual

Here are the stunning first pictures of our exciting Stonehenge Virtual, as it reached the early stages of its development. You can see from these pictures how quickly work is moving forward on our own famous stones, where you’ll be able to explore the wonder of Britain’s best-loved ancient landmark. Our builders are certainly putting Stonehenge Virtual together a lot faster than their Neolithic counterparts!

Thanks to some serendipidous virtual weather, you can see the midsummer sun weave its way across Stonehenge Virtual’s horizon. Maybe we’ll have 36,500 people flocking to our stones in celebration soon!

But there’s much more to our virtual experience than the stone circle itself. Stonehenge Virtual will feature its own special visitor centre, lush Wiltshire scenery and wildlife, and the chance to visit some of Stonehenge’s prehistoric celebrities. How about a guided druid tour? Or exploring fierce warriors who may have been king of the monument, such as the enigmatic Amesbury Archer? Stonehenge Virtual is taking shape at an astonishing pace, and we’ll be keeping you updated on its progress regularly. If you have any queries, advice or opinions about our reconstruction, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Learn about druids, warriors and the people who built this fearsome landmark

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Stonehenge Virtual gives you the chance to get up-close-and-personal with the famous stones; a rare thing these days thanks to English Heritage – much to King Arthur Pendragon’s chagrin. Keep checking into Heritage Key, as Stonehenge Virtual segways smoothly from start to finish.

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