New ‘Nazca’ Lines found in Kazakh Mountains

Kazakhstan has become the latest hotbed of UFOspeculation, as experts announce the discovery of a set of geoglyphs in a remote mountainous region of the huge central Asian county. The huge lines, created either by removing topsoil or by decorating with various stones, have been spotted in the country’s southern Karatau range.

And though many will draw comparisons with the better known ‘Nazca Lines‘ of Peru, the Kazakh geoglyphs are strikingly different. Rather than depicting the menagerie of fish, lizards, monkeys, birds and other animals favoured by the mysterious Nazcas, they show a humanoid figure huddled between two odd-shaped structures.

Some UFO ‘scholars’ believe the lines are ancient distress signals to the stars

Peru, Nazca, Nazca Lines, MonkeyThe revelation has sparked a hive of interest from UFOresearchers, some of whom believe the lines are ancient markers set out by tribes to entice alien contact.

Kazakh site Vesti expects UFOscholars to claim the enigmatic figure is an alien who once visited earth, and that the lines may have once been part of a distress signal pleading for help from ‘star gods’.

Kazakhstan has a rich history, having been perched in the centre of the famous Silk Road – a vital trade route which ran between Europe and the Far East from as far back as the first millennium BC. The lines are close to the historical city of Taraz, an important stop on the route.