Cleopatra Comes to Philadelphia (Well, some of her Treasures)

Alexandria, Egypt (2007-05-057)

Just as Cleopatra’s tomb could be discovered at Taposiris Magna, some of her greatest treasures will be winging their way to the States. Next June Cleopatra: The Search for the Last Queen of Egypt will be showcased at Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute for six months, before heading to three other US cities on a massive tour.

The exhibition will bring together some of the best-known artefacts and freshest discoveries from Cleopatra’s city of Alexandria.

The Institute’s senior vice president of marketing, programs and business development Troy Collins says the show’s treasures are coming from two major sources: “Land sources from the famous explorer Zahi Hawass, as well as some new outstanding and visually stunning objects that have been recovered from under the Bay of Alexandria by explorer Franck Goddio.”

The show will highlight objects found found above and below water in and around Alexandria

Dr Hawass and Dominican expert Kathleen Martinez‘ search for Cleopatra’s tomb will be featured at the exhibition. You can see two videos on the ongoing saga here: an interview with Dr Hawass and a look at the pioneering dig with Dr Martinez. The Institute is no stranger to blockbuster Egyptian exhibitions, having been home to Tutankhamun And The Golden Age of The Pharaohs in summer 2007. King Tut’s relics are still touring north America, visiting Toronto on the latest leg of their journey.

French underwater archaeologist Goddio made headlines by discovering Cleopatra’s palace, and two sunken cities lost beneath the Mediterranean, in 1996. Cleopatra is one of the ancient world’s most enigmatic characters, ruling Egypt from 51-30 BC. Her reign ended in disaster, when Egypt was swallowed up by the Roman Empire.

Look out for an interview with Troy Collins on the treasures of Cleopatra, coming soon to Heritage Key!