CBBC Kids to Get Lock-in at the British Museum

British Museum

CBBC, the BBC’s children’s broadcaster, has announced a brand new kids’ quiz show, in which six contestants will pit their wits again guards and ‘ghosts’, as they spend a night in the British Museum unlocking the secrets of its most famous treasures. Relic will see the children dodging security and completing a number of interactive tasks, as they bid to become ‘guardians’ of the museum. However anyone failing the show will find themselves facing “incarceration in the museum forever”. A BBC release explains, “As the brave adventurers search the museum they must complete complex challenges and confront visions from the past in their quest for answers. They will have to discover the secrets of some of the museums most famous exhibits, including how the Rosetta Stone unlocked the secrets of Ancient Egypt and the premonition that led to the discovery of the Sutton Hoo ship burial.

The 13 thirty-minute shows will be aired in the UK in early 2010, to run concurrently with Radio 4’s upcoming series A History of the World in 100 Artefacts, led by British Museum director Neil MacGregor. It will also be accompanied by a virtual model of the museum and information on its artefacts, available via the CBBC website. CBBC controller Anne Gilchrist is hugely confident of the show’s success. She told industry website Broadcast, “The British Museum is bursting withundiscovered treasures and amazing facts, so for CBBC viewers to have the privilege of running around at night trying to unlock its secrets is an unbelievable opportunity.Im thrilled to be able to open up this inspiring collection, via television and the web, to our young audience.

Image by Ra5her.