Google Maps: Britain’s Henges – There’s more than just Stonehenge and Bluehenge!

Stonehenge isn't Britain's only henge. Image Credit - David SmithOther than Stonehenge and the newly discovered Bluehenge, there are other henges across the lenght and breath of Great Britain, as Ann Morgan explained in her post a couple of months back.

What does it take to be a Henge?Henges are at least 20 metres across in size, and have a single raised bank with one, two or four entrances set in strategic positions. Usually in a flat, circular or oval shape, excavations have revealed pottery and bones, fuelling speculation of ancestor worship (or travel by GPS, but that’s a whole other story). Interesting to note is that Stonehenge is not technically a henge then, as it’s bank is inside a ditch!

The henges shown on this map vary across the country, from the top of Scotland to the south of England, yet they’re unique to the British Isles and up to 1,000 years older than the earliest Pyramids!

The Google Map below shows nine henges from around the British Isles. You can see the exact locations of these sites, and easily plan your (real or fantasy) trip through the UK, seeking out the mysterious wonders of the British past!

Google Map: 9 Henges from Britain

By clicking on the relevant Heritage Key icon, you can find out more information about the different sites as well as being able to zoom in.They’re also listed below for convenience, along with links to the various relevant articles and blog entries on Heritage Key, so you can find out more about them:

The map works through Google’s interactive map service, and is easy to navigate by dragging on the map to pull it around. Additionally, you can control the map by using navigation controls in the top right of the corner. The plus and minus buttons allow you to zoom in/out.

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