Google Map: Key Sites in France’s Roman Triangle

Map to show towns with Roman sites in South-Eastern FranceA recent article here on Heritage Key by Bija Knowles looked at Roman sites across the South East of France. There are many sites across the area which remain today as relics to the Roman past, the empire having controlled the area as early as 125BC.

The map shows the triangle area between the towns of Nimes, Arles and Orange where many of the heritage sites reside, but also includes Lyon which also has many notable Roman settlement relics.

Using this interactive map, you can see the exact locations of these sites, and easily plan your (real or fantasy) trip through Roman France.

By clicking on the relevant Heritage Key icon, you can access images and detailed information about each site, including key structures, entrance fees, and the ancient historical background.

The locations shown in the map below
are the following:

Key Sites in France’s Roman Triangle:

The map works through Google’s interactive map service, and is easy to navigate by dragging on the map to pull it around. Additionally, you can control the map by using navigation controls in the top right of the corner. The plus and minus buttons allow you to zoom in/out.

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