Despicable Me: Stealing The Great Pyramid of Giza

Despicable Me“Mummy.. are we there yet?!”

“Mummy.. are we there yet?!”

“Mummy.. are we there yet?!”

“Mummy.. are w..”
*Cue muffled sounds as a hand covers my mouth*

I’ll admit that I’ve never grown up. Life’s far too short to do something silly like that – I’ll forever be a big kid who fantasises about climbing up honey waterfalls and jumping off Pterodactyls. Whilst Sean may be off looking at big people movies which show global landmarks being destroyed, I’m perfectly happy flicking through my collection of Disney classics on a quiet night in.

The movie release I’m going to share is called “Despicable Me” and it’s not actually out until July 2010 (and then us Brits have to wait until October!). It’s from the makers of Ice Age, and stars Steve Carell of Bruce Almighty fame.

But what is ‘Despicable Me’ about? Well, for that, it’s worth watching the trailer:

So a supervillain is going around and stealing famous landmarks such as the Great Pyramid of Giza, and replacing them with scaled inflatables!

Eat your heart out Roland Emmerich – making films about the destruction of mankind may well rock your boat, but when it comes to a rainy Saturday night in, I’d much rather lounge about on the sofa and watch a kid puncture the Great Wall of China!