Daily Flickr Finds: Vit Hassan’s Sandstorm in Bajrawia

Sandstorm over pyramids in Bajrawia. Image Credit - Vit HassanOn the banks of the Nile, some 200km north-east from Khartoum is the ancient city of Meroe – the southern capital of the Kushite empire, which spanned across Sudan and part of Ethiopia. Nearby are a group of villages called Bajrawia which is where today’s Flickr photograph was taken byVit Hassan, who captured this stunning sandstorm engulfing the area.

The city of Meroe is flanked by over 200 Nubian pyramids, many of which lie in ruins as is evident in Vit Hassan’s fantastic capture of the site. Although once a flourishing city of great importance in its time, much about this historic site remains a mystery as the Egyptian language was dropped in favour of their own Meroitic language, of which a key has never been found so far.

Further excavations of Sudan’s largest heritage site are hampered by the country’s ongoing civil war, despite being listed on the UNESCOWorld Heritage List.

Read more about Meroe here at Heritage Key, and be sure to check out Vit Hassan’s photostream at Flickr!