Daily Flickr Finds: Lou Rouge’s Misterioso Palenque

In the deep south of Mexico, there lies a mysterious and enchanting temple in ruins, a relic of a Mesoamerican past. Lou Rouge’s photograph beautifully captures the mystical aura of this tomb in a fantastic capture which portrays the mood perfectly. The mist and dark lighting creates the sense of the unknown, but maintains the feel of the alluring. It’s a photograph which makes the person looking at it feel that the place has hidden secrets which are waiting to be unravelled.

And it certainly has those!The Temple of Inscriptions, as it is known in English, is the only Maya pyramid of this era to be used as a tomb – for Kinich Janaab Pakal none the less. Otherwise known as Pacal the Great, the Mayan ruler of Palenque was notable for several architectural structures and inscriptions.

Named after three tablets contained within the tomb which are emblazoned with hieroglyphic inscriptions, they are essentially a biography of the life of the ruler. Detailing notable events in Pacal the Great’s life up to his death, this Temple is a stunning ancient relic. And perfectly portrayed by Lou Rouge’s photograph!