Daily Flickr Finds: Julian Kaesler’s The Colonnaded Terrace

The Colonnade Terrace forms part of the Temple of Ba’al in the ancient Palmyra, an ancient oasis city which boasted great prominence back in ancient times. Julian Kaesler’s photograph of the Terrace caught my eye for the subtle lighting of the stone on a dusk scene. The rich colour reflected in the masonry emphasises the beauty in the relics, and the slight tilt of the camera looking upwards gives this scene the perfect touch.

The city has an interesting past, being influenced under Roman control, but a temple in the city was there a good 2000 years before the Romans even set eyes on the place! The city prospered thanks to it’s hot water spring, and became popular with caravaners looking for somewhere to stock up.

The city has an interesting past, in regards to it’s prominence and leaders. Palmyra became a jewel of the Roman Empire after they conquered Syria, and the city saw lots of new constructions and investment. New streets, temples, arches and statues were built and created one of the most beautiful cities of its time.

Heck – it’s one of the most beautiful relic cities around too! And a beautiful capture from Julian of this simply outstanding site.

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