BBC’s Seven Ages of Britain explores Ancient London with David Dimbleby

Veteran broadcaster David Dimbleby takes BBC viewers on a journey through the history of Britain, in much the same way Heritage Key will give insight into the Ancient World in London from next week. Image courtesy of the BBC.In a joint partnership with the Open University, the BBC broadcast the first of a seven-part series which is looking at the History of Britain through art and artefacts over the past 2,000 years in a TV series called “Seven Ages of Britain“. Shot in high definition, the programme is written and presented by the respected veteran broadcaster David Dimbleby who recounts the ancient-era story of the nation in the first episode. Heritage Key’s new series – Ancient World in London – which starts next week will build on the insights with a look at the age of Roman and Norman conquest, and how they impacted the history of the captial city.

David Dimbleby travels across the country, as well as abroad to Italy, Germany, Turkey, India and America to track down the artefacts which helped shape Britain, yet have now left the Isles. The eminent presenter starts the programme wading through the waters of the Thames, grunting as he pulls out a large object from the riverbed – the bronze head of the Roman Emperor Hadrian!

Commenting on the series, David Dimbleby says: “Seven Ages Of Britain has proved an exhilarating quest. The television camera offers a spectacular view of some of our most precious national treasures. It allows us to see them in ways beyond the reach of the human eye as we tell the story of our country’s history over 2,000 years through the art we have created in good times and bad.” You can meet David Dimbleby at the Victoria and Albert Museum later this month as he promotes his series.

Scouring the lengths of Britain, looking at artefacts stored at the British Museum, to the Roman city of Chichester and examining the exquisite Alfred Jewel at Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum, and looking at the Roman wall next to the Tower of London.

It’s a fantastic overview of the ancient story of Great Britain, which you can explore in more depth over the next three months as Heritage Key prepares its web-series which will journey through London and the surrounding areas, piecing together the past and how you can learn so much about the ancient past outside the museums. Keep an eye out for The Ancient World in London which will kick off from Monday!