Toronto Terracotta Warriors show will be biggest ever in North America

Heritage Key has learned that the Terracotta Warriorsexhibition, whichiscoming to Toronto in June, will be the largest one ever seen in Canada or the United States.

Right now the warriors are at the National Geographic Museum in Washington DC. That show, containing more than 100 objects (including 15 terracotta figures), is billed on its website as being the largest display of terracotta figures and tomb artifacts ever to travel to the US.

Dr. Dan Rahimi, of the Royal Ontario Museum, dropped Heritage Key a tantalizing nugget of information today in an interview. In response to a question he said that the Toronto show would be bigger than Washington. Hes the Vice-President of Gallery Development for the museum so hes definitely in the know.

I also asked him how many warriors would be visiting Toronto but he declined to provide further details saying that an announcement will be made on January 27. It’s possible that it will have an identical number of warriors as Washington, but have more artefacts.

Wealso know that, despite the show’s size,itwill bevery specific in time. Ina previous interview Rahimi said that the show willfocus on post-Bronze Age China (after 771 BC). So no Shang period Oracle Bones at this exhibit.

Dr. Rahimi also hinted that in addition to Montreal and Toronto there may be two other Canadian stops on the tour.

Yes were doing the show, there will be a Canadian tour, Montreal has already signed up on the tour (and) were waiting for two other venues to finish negotiations and sign as well.