Pics and translations of two never before exhibited Dead Sea Scrolls

Among the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibited in Toronto, at the Royal Ontario Museum, are two fragments which have never before been shown to the public.

One of them is a fragment from Daniel. It appears to have been a popular book as archaeologists have no less than eight copies of it among the scrolls but this particular fragment has not beenexhibited until now.

The other, Barki Nafshi (Apocryphal Psalms), is a series of Psalms that do not appear in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament).

As mentioned in my preview, photography of the scrolls is forbidden at the ROMs exhibit because of concerns about their fragility. But Heritage Key was at the media preview and, for that one day, non-flash photography was allowed. The Royal Ontario Museum has also kindly emailed us the english translations for these two fragments.

So here they are. Click on the photos to see larger versions, and read the accompanying text:

Barkhi Nafshi Apocryphal Psalms

Bless, O my soul, the LO RD, for all his wonderful deeds forever.
And blessed be his name, for he has saved the life of the poor.
And the needy he has not despised and he has not overlooked the hardship of the oppressed.
He has kept his eyes on the weak, and paid attention to the cry of orphans for help.
He has inclined his ears to their cry, and because of his abundant mercies, has shown favour to the meek.
He has opened their eyes to see his ways, and inclined their ear[s] to his teaching.
He has circumcised their hearts foreskin, and delivered them for the sake of his kindness and has set their feet firm on the path.
In their many hardships he did not forsake them and did not deliver them into the hands of violent men nor did he judge them with the wicked; his anger was not enkindled against them nor did he destroy them.

Daniel (fragment on display)

DAN. 2:19 God of heaven.

20 Daniel s[aid] Blessed be the name of the
great God [from a]ge to age, for
wisdom and power are h[is.]

21 He changes t[imes] and seasons, deposes
[k]ings and sets up kings;
he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have un[de]rstanding.

22 He reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what
is in the darkness, and light dwells [with him.]

23 To you, O God of my
ancestors, [I give thanks and praise,]
for [you] have given [me] wisdom
and enli[ghtenment(?)] and have now [revea]led [to me what] we [asked]
of [you,] for [you have revealed
to us] what [the king] order[ed.

24 [Therefore]
Daniel went to [Ario]ch, [whom the] king [had appointed] to destroy the
wise men of Babylon, and said
[to him, Do not]
destroy [the wise men of Babylon;] bring me in be[fore the] k[ing, and]
I will give the king its [interpretation.]

25 Then Arioch qui[ckly brought Daniel]
be[fore the] king and [said] to him: I have found among the exiles
from Judah a man who can tell [the king the

26 The king said to Daniel, whose name was
Belteshazzar, Are you [able to tell me] the
dream that I have seen and its interpretation? 27 Daniel answered
the king, No

(end of fragment)