Mummies in Milwaukee! Mummies of the World coming to Wisconsin in December

The mummified head of a middle-aged man who lived in Egypt during the Roman period, still half-covered in bandages. The skull contains desiccated embalming substances, but no soft tissue. Radiocarbon analysis establishes its age as c. 2025 years BC. Picture credit - American Exhibitions, IncThe good citizens of Milwaukee are set for a mummifying experience.

From December 17, 2010 to May 20, 2011 the exhibit Mummies of the World will be hitting the Milwaukee Public Museum. The exhibit features 150 human and animal mummies showcasing mummification practices from around the world.

The ‘Mummies of the World’ touring exhibit is currently on at the California Science Center.

Egypt is famous for its mummies, but the practice is seen in many other cultures. The bogs of Northern Europe allow for mummification, as does the hot arid climate of Peru. Mummification techniques have even been used in modern times Lenin being perhaps the most well-known example.

The exhibition will feature many examples. They include animal mummies from Ancient Egypt, an embalmed 4,500 year old Peruvian baby known as the Detmold Child and the mummy of Baron Von Holtz a 17th century noblemen thought to have died in the thirty years war (1618-1648).

Mummies of the World will give a broad overview of natural (spontaneous, such as the5,300-year-oldItalian Otzi the Iceman) and anthropogenic (artificial, the most famous example being the mummy of Tutankhamun)mummification in all its many forms, and consequently provide viewers with an educational and scientific window into the cultures, history and lives of people who came before us.

If youre looking for something to tide you over, until then,check out Chasing Mummies, a new reality show starring Dr. Zahi Hawass.It features plenty of wacky Egyptology action. Heritage Keys Jon Himoff has been following the venture closely.