HK How To: Customise Your Avatar, Ancient Egyptian Style

Virtual DressUp

You have made it to King Tut Virtual? Then now it is time to experiment with customising your avatar. In King Tut Virtual, we give you many options to choose from. You can wander around in casual clothes, or decide to really play the part as an adventurer kitted out with accessories, or an Egyptian goddess from the Amarna era.

In this guide to virtual fashion, I will focus on some of the glamorous ancient Egyptian dresses and jewellery. These dresses and jewellery were designed by Avagardner Kungler, a very well known virtual fashion designer in the metaverse.

This will give you a taste of the endless amount of things you can do with your avatar while exploring the ancient artefacts and digging in the Valley of the Kings.

Just make sure that you change into your adventure clothing while you are engrossed in your digging game!

Master your Inventory

While in the virtual world, you will see on the bottom of the screen on the far left hand side you have a button called Inventory. Inventory is where you keep all your clothing, hair, shoes etc. It’s like your wardrobe.

When we say ‘customise your avatar’ we mean not only changing clothes but also changing your hairstyle, colour of your skin, shape of your body, colour of your eyes, and even the size of your feet. Everything’s possible and it gets even more fun as you get better at dressing your avatar.

As you can see in the photo on the left, my skin colour, hair style and my clothes are all different from the first photo above.

Click on ‘Inventory’:

This will open a rectangular window on your screen with a long list of clothing, hair, and skin folders you can choose from.

Let’s start by changing your skin colour. In your inventory find White Female Folder.

  • Double-click on the folder and the folder will open with more goodies inside.
  • Double-click on one of the four tones of white skin, or alternatively right click and choose the wear option.

You will see in a minute that your avatar’s skin colour has changed from a darker tone to lighter skin.

You then carry on dressing up with the clothing and have fun trying different options until you’re happy with your look.

More To Follow

In this blog, I have only selected a handful of clothing and different accessories to show you only the start of endless possibilities for your dress up options.

As you get through Heritage Key, you will find yourself in the Nile area with a gorgeous view and in the Amarna house lies the treasure of the Egyptian clothing.

Click on the each frame to pick up your next dress . We do have a great selection for each taste in different colour options.

In the following blogs, I will try to cover different options of styles. Watch virtual ancient fashion here at Heritage Key.

Have Fun and do make sure that you change into your adventure clothing while you are engrossed in your digging game!