Enthusiastic History Experts Needed!

Here at Heritage Key we are looking for enthusiastic history experts who can stream live lectures using our Virtual Areas. Are you are fascinated about Egypt, Stonehenge , Terracota Warriors or the Assyrian Lion Hunt? Heritage Key website and Heritage Key Virtual both create a wonderful platform to reach a wide range of enthusiasts around the world who would love to walk through the Valley of the Kings by an expert and listen to a lecture about the period. There are endless exciting opportunuties to create live events, and lectures that are to be broadcasted simultaneously on the web, on the virtual environment and later to be available as podcast. The other exciting thing is yes, you get paid to do the lecture.

A quick look at our promo video should let you know what we’re looking for: a genuine interest in the ancient world, and an ability to walk through the subject with confidence and enthusiasm.

If you are interested in for the role, just submit a video response to the promo videobelow(click the video here, then when on YouTube click on ‘Post a Video Response’ just below the video – it’s above the text comments).

We’re not looking for high-tech camera wizardry, just a personality who can show the world how great the Ancient History is. Deadline for entrants is Sunday May 30th– that’s just two weeks, well almost!

  • Record your video stating who you are, what’s your expertise and what would you like your topic to be in your lectures
  • Upload short video to youtube and leave the link in our comments
  • The recordings will be in our office in London
  • The lecturer will be paid 250 pounds for four 20 mins long lectures that are streamed live and recorded in one day max.

If you would like to find out how we found our presenter of Ancient World in London series

We are excited about these new series of Lectures and we hope you are too.