Horrible Histories Coming Soon on Nintendo DS, PC and Wii

Think youd make a ruthless Roman? Find out when Terry Dearys Horrible Histories books make it on to the games market in North America on January 26, 2010. Graffiti Entertainment has secured the rights to publish Wii, Nintendo DS and PC versions of Horrible Histories: Ruthless Romans in North America. It has been developed by Slitherine, which released the game in the UK and Europe in August. Slitherine is also the company behind the Field of Glory and Legion Gold games.

Ruthless Romans features a series of mini-games about a young boy, Rassimus, who is captured and forced into slavery in Rome. To win his freedom, Rassimus trains as a gladiator, with players controlling his movements around Rome and learning of the gory history of ancient Rome along the way.

Dearys original emphasis on education has been retained: the game features quizzes on ancient Rome, and 30-odd mini-games involving colours and spot-the-difference tests.

The Horrible Histories books which cover everything from Awful Egyptians to Groovy Greeks and the Savage Stone Age have already been adapted into a CBBC TV series and a stage show. A Horrible Historie Terrible Trenches Exhibition at the Imperial War Museum is also currently running until October 21, 2010.