Better Way to Experience Virtual Online with Our Browser Viewer

In-browser preview virtual experience ft Unity 3D viewerWe are testing out a new way to let visitors see and explore great discoveries and artefacts online virtually. The new viewer runs right inside your browser, so there is no need for downloading a new application. You will need to add the Unity3D plug-in (sort of like Flash) to your browser unless you already have it.

We are releasing this first areas “the Gallery Preview” as Alpha now and appreciate . You will need to Register/Login now to have a look, but once we get some feedback we will make the public. There is only one type of avatar, so it might be a little confusing when you run into other visitors. Have fun, click and try to break it! More technical information about this prototype can be found on our company blog .

You need to be a registereduser to use the demo.
So, please,REGISTER(don’t worry, it’s free) or LOGIN