HBO’s Rome to Make Movie Comeback as Bona Dea

Exciting news for fans of HBO’s Rome series: it looks like a film is currently in development, with script writer Bruno Heller penning the project. The film, whose working title is Bona Dea, is due to start filming in Summer 2010 and is scheduled for release in 2011.

For those of you who remember Vorenus, played by Kevin McKidd, on his deathbed at the end of the last series, the good news is that the stalwart centurion is already being written into the script for the new film. In an interview given to Associated Press, now on youtube, McKidd explains that his character may not actually have passed away, but is actually hiding in Germania, far from the empire and from Octavian, who has come to power following the battle of Actium.

In an interview with movieweb, Ray Stevenson, who plays Pullo, confirmed: It is no longer a smoke and mirrors rumour. The script is in full development. He adds that Rome’s writer and creator, Bruno Heller, is not likely to lose his two central characters: That guy has a soft spot for Pullo and Vorenus. I don’t think he will let the ball drop. I don’t think he will disappoint. He never pulled his punches with the hard drama or the social status, or the action sequences. He put full honesty into the characters.

Of course a film isn’t quite the same as a third series – one sitting and it’s all over – but this is definitely one to look forward to.