The Valentine Contest’s Winner – Who gets the books & AWiL points?

A History of LoveYoung man, well connected, in possesion of fig leave and spare rib is looking for young lady with an apple and a hunger for knowledge to get humanity started. Pets no objection.” Which famous person from (biblical) history just placed a personal on Heritage Key? No doubt you’ll recognize the aspiring lover in the winning entry for our Valentine’s Day contest as Adam, looking for Eve. Congratulations to Loki Popinjay, who with this win earns an extra 50 Ancient World in London Points, ANDgets to chose two books from the Thames &Hudson catalogue. Loki, let us know in the comments which ones you chose?

Other entries were a graphical – and critical – look at what happened on Valentine’s day in different eras of our history by Dark, and a cry for love – or at least a mate – from a 23-year-old hominid. And even Cleopatra’s out on the ‘hunt’:”Stunning female demi-god with own African kingdom, 5’0″, seeks striking Italian gentlemen with a lust for power and dimples. Should enjoy a position of influence in one of the known world’s leading empires, intrigue &deceit, and walks in the park. Must be ok with pets.You can see more splendid – thanks you all for playing! – entries at the contest’s blog.

Looking for ways to gather more Ancient World in London points?Here are some ways to earn them. To win your own books from the Thames &Hudson catalogue as well as points, join our second Blogger’s Challenge (Which is the most important Site in London?) or help us recreate the British Musem for 10 points/photo. And if you’re tired of doing all that, book a romantic dinner at Stonehenge Virtual and just relax! 😉

Keep visiting our Things To Do Page on the Ancient World in London microsite for all the new and on-going events, quests, and contests. Remember, you need 1066 points to be in with a chance of winning the grand prize – an amazing holiday for two near the ancient rock tombs of Dalyan in Turkey.